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The top 10 Driest Places on Earth

The top 10 Driest Places on Earth 1

The top 10 Driest Places on Earth

driest places on Earth: As We live on the planet which has the most incredible resources to live up a life and one of the best thing about our planet is that it’s all the possibilities of accessing the natural things of our earth.

And one of the most valuable and incredible natural resource is considered as the weather.

As we all know that we have so many weather seasons on our planet and it’s really amazing that weather seasons are different at the same time in the other continents and countries.

It’s really great that some countries have all the climate seasons and have amazingly and incredibly special privilege to enjoy and experience all the different weather constantly and continuously.

Sometimes we really need some changes in the weather after some point of time and there are actually some places in the world where climate is really and incredibly rigid and even goes beyond the extreme level of its nature, and these places are considered as the driest places on earth.

I am here gonna tell you some of the Driest places on earth. It’s not been listed out or categories in ranking.

Here are top 10 driest places on earth


Algeria is too marked as the driest place on Earth.

Aoulef is the small town of central Algeria of Africa continent and Algeria is known as the driest country of Africa. The oasis of the desert of Algeria specifically Aoulef is considered as  extremely hot.

It’s really amazing to know that the desert of aoulef is incredibly surrounded of palm trees around the desert in the Algeria town.


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9-Pelican Point—Namibia

The Namibia is driest places on earth really considered as the driest place of Africa continent. Because of sand dune which fills the Namibia in Africa.


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8-Iquique—atacama desert, Chile

The port city of Chile is also considered as one of the driest place in the world.It’s located in the western part of the atacama desert driest place on earth

It’s really amazing and interesting fact about the desert is that the rain falls in the January and February month.

One more incredible thing about Chile is that the surrounding or across the desert is marked as the useful natural resources of organic and natural fertilizer nitrate.


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7-Wadi Halfa—Sudan

Wadi Halfa in Sudan’s driest place in the world.

It is located in the dead center of the Sahara desert and known as the desert town.

Because of the dry and descend air of the subtropical high in the area of desert has the strongest influence on the surrounding areas, it is considered as the main producer of the driest places on earth and hottest desert of the Africa.


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6–Desert of Ica—Peru.

Ica desert in the Peru is too marked as the driest place in the world.

It’s really amazing to know that the climate of Ica desert is observed and marked as the main reason for Asthma around the inhabitants of Ica.

It’s really located on the southern part of Lima which is known for the bordering of Atacama desert.

One of the amazing and interesting fact about the Ica desert is that it’s considered as the inhabitants of penguins species in the Past around the Ica desert.

There was a research conducted in 2007and some evidence of penguin around 4 feet was found, and considered that penguins were used to be inhabitants of Ica desert in the past.


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Luxor  is too marked as the driest places on earth. It’s considered as the home to a good chunk of the world’s antiquities.

Luxor is a place that doesn’t get much moisture. The city has a hot wind which is famously known as khamsin sometimes blows from western desert and brings a sandstorm with it.

It’s really strange to that When rain falls in the Luxor desert as soon as the raindrops begin to fall it immediately evaporates in the heated air.


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Aswan is also considered as the driest places on earth because most of the time th entire Aswan city is lacking in moisture.

The Aswan is also known for a dam.

It’s really strange to know that most of the part of Egypt get breezes from ocean, Aswan remains hot and dehydrated entire year.


Aswan desert, Aswan desert in Egypt, driest places on earth



Al Kufrah in Libya is also considered as one of the driest places on earth. It’s located on the Al Khufrah Oasis in southeastern Libya and near the Egyptian border.

The main crops are famously grown as Dates, Apricots and Peaches. Al Kufrah desert is low lying and covered by sand dunes up to 980 feet in height.


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Africa is considered as one of the driest places on earth. It’s located at the Coastal road towards the beaches of Arica.

Africa is known for its highest level of humidity and cloud cover on the desert. The air of Africa is really and rarely wet. It’s been observed that the place has not been marked rain since more than five hundred years.


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1–Dry Valleys—Antarctica

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Even though Antarctica is commonly and famously known for it snow covered terrain but it’s really and actually too considered as one of the driest places on earth Antarctica. This is the reason it’s named as the Dry.

The dry valleys have extremely low humidity and almost no ice or snow cover the largest ice-free region on the continent.

It’s really amazing and interesting fact about Dry Valleys is that the mountain nearby Valleys are high enough to block the seaward  flowing ice from reaching Valleys.

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