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the Rocks of Gibraltar

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11 Amazing things you need to know about the Rocks of Gibraltar


Atlantic Ocean has a waterways between Spain, Morocco and Bosporus of Turkey. These are well known as the Rock or straits of Gibraltar.

The rocks of Gibraltar are the most fascinating and interesting fact of the Atlantic Ocean on our planet.


1–The Rock

One of the amazing facts about the Gibraltar is the Rock. Yes, it’s considered as one of the oldest and greatest formation around 200 million years ago. It’s composed of Jurassic Limestone.


Its height is amazingly around 1400 feet high and considered as unchallenging master centerpiece of the Gibraltar.


It’s vast ocean underneath and it towers over the city.

It’s really having an amazing and interesting natural beautiful features which really has the impact on the impressive tourism.

It includes the most nature reserve that covers the most of its upper area.


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2–Straight of Gibraltar

It’s really amazing and interesting to know the fact that Straight of Gibraltar is more famously known than its actual city. It’s really having incredible historical values in the world, and in fact, it holds the today’s generation.


It does not only act as the passageway incredibly from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean but also it’s a proximity closely and importantly to the Africa continent.


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Since it’s the historical fact about that the most and greatest heroes the rocks of Gibraltar that holds the Gibraltar forever in the mythology of Greek. It’s known as the greatest Hercules.


the rocks of Gibraltar is amazingly and famously referred to as the Clape and really and incredibly acts as one of the two pillars of Hercules and the other is known the Mount jbel Musa of Morocco, which is just 24 kilometers away from the Africa side of the Strait of Gibraltar.


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4–Europa Point

One of the amazing and many impressive lookouts the rocks of Gibraltar is considered as Europa point, and this point is the meeting point of Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. One of the amazing and most fascinating things you can experience while sightseeing of Africa’s Morocco coast from Europa point.


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Since it’s the part of British territory so English is known as the official local language of Gibraltar.


the rocks of Gibraltar is marked one more local language other than English, which is unique and commonly spoken amongst the local people of Gibraltar. It’s called Yanito, which is the combined language of English, Maltese, Portuguese, Spanish and some Italians language.


However, Spain is borderline to Gibraltar, so Spanish is too marked as common language and spoken amongst the Gibraltar people.


6–British Territory

One of the really amazing fact about the rocks of Gibraltar is that it’s unknowingly known as the part of Spain while looking at the World Map, but it’s actually a British Overseas territory.


In 1723 treaty of Utrecht , It’s been following the ceding of Gibraltar to the English crown , and it’s historically fact that the Spain has attempted to regain the control in the three battles separately and which was being unsuccessful again and again.

It’s assumed that that if British controls the Gibraltar, it’ll change the course of history and culture forever in this world.



the Rocks of Gibraltar is marked with the home of around 30,000 people and call themselves proudly to be the part of United Kingdom.

It’s really amazing fact about the rocks of Gibraltar when they were offered to cast their vote in two separate voting in 1967 and 2002, but the people of Gibraltar rejected the referendum of putting themselves under Spanish government.

In fact, instead of voting in favor of Spain, around 98% people of Gibraltar had chosen to stay under the British sovereignty.


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It’s really amazing to see the moneys on the rocks of Gibraltar. The Rocks of Gibraltar is marked as the home of the over 300 Barbary Macaque Monkeys living in their natural habitat.

It’s strictly instructed and recommended to the tourists and hikers to hike up the Rock with proper planning and safety. Those moneys are considered as the craziest and aggressive creatures and dangerous to the hikers on the Rocks of Gibraltar. They are everywhere at the top of the Rock so more higher you hike up the more moneys you’ll get to see and face.  


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9–St. Michael’s Cave

It’s really amazing and interesting to know that Caves of Michael are considered one of the most fascinating and alluring tourist destination across the Europe and around the world.

It’s marked amazingly over 100 caves on the Rocks of Gibraltar and mostly located halfway up the western slope of the Rock..


It’s too amazing after Knowing that there are over 150 caves inside the Rocks of Gibraltar.

Amongst all of these caves, St. Michael cave is ranked as the biggest in Gibraltar.

It’s amazingly and incredibly recorded that over 1 million tourists from all over the world, mark their presence or visit in the St. Michael caves of the Rock of Gibraltar every single year.


It’s really interesting to know that one of the cave named as the cave of Gorham which really complex and surrounding buffer zone, was declared a World Heritage Site for its Neanderthal Historical contribution.


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It’s really unknown and unaware for many people around the world about the rocks of Gibraltar’s amazing and interesting Branches. Gibraltar is having six beaches. These beaches are perfectly located to cool down the adventurous and tourists while hiking and climbing in the hot summer days. These are Catalan and sandy Bay, the eastern and western beaches.


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11–Mediterranean Steps

If you are really an adventurous kind of person then Mediterranean Steps is the best and most satisfying experience of your incredible journey while hiking and looking together at the Rocks of Gibraltar.


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Apart from the unbelievable and unforgettable hiking experience on the Rocks of Gibraltar, some of the most fascinating and experiencing views over 500 species of plants amazingly, hundreds of incredible birds, and other animals can be seen while climbing up the Rock.


However, it’s strictly advised and instructed for hikers and tourists to hike with strenuously steep.


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