The Top 10 Deepest Part of the Ocean Trench In The World

The Deepest Part of the Ocean trench

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10 Amazing deepest Trench in the world


One of the incredible facts about trench is that it’s formed or originated due to the slides of oceanic plate between one and another, and famously is known as deepest Trench in the world and Deepest Part of the Ocean


It’s caused when the oceanic crystal plate slides under the another light continental plate or another oceanic plate.

It’s discovered and assumed that this sliding happens because of density.

When the one plate slides to another is called subduction, and when the heavier plate descends and for long and narrow causes, is known subduction zone. They can be really and amazingly more than 1500 miles or 2400 kilometers long, several miles deep and more than 70 miles or 112 kilometers wide.


Oceanic trenches are really the deepest trench in the world and longest point on the earth inside the ocean but narrowly topographical depressions on the sea floor of the Deepest Part of the Ocean floor.


So many the deepest point in the ocean trench on the earth and the greatest trenches located in the different oceans are explored greatly and many more are still need to be explored by fearless explorers effortlessly. Deepest Part of the Ocean


The two greatest oceans named Pacific and Atlantic-ocean of our planet alone hold the ten deepest point in the ocean and the greatest points of deepest trench in the world.


When trenches get active with earthquakes, its results tsunami in the world. The most of the volcanoes associated with trenches occur on the continents and not on the sea floor.

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The 10 Deepest Part of the Ocean and deepest trench in the world.



1–Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench is amazingly considered as the deepest trench in the world and the greatest depth with 11.03 miles or 11033 kilometers below the sea level of our planet.

It’s located in the western part of Pacific Ocean, east of the Mariana island as well.


The length of the trench is around 2550 kilometers and 69 kilometers is its average width.


One of the the important fact about Mariana Trench is that it’s not closest to the center of earth, because of the fact that the earth is radius and not perfect sphere which 25 kilometers less at the poles than at the equator. The Arctic Ocean seabed are approximately 13 kilometers closer to the center of the earth.


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One more amazing fact about Mariana Trench is that its a mile deeper than Mount Everest.


Do you know, in 2012, the deep sea challenge of the Mariana Trench to reach bottom of its depth was taken and later recorded a solo dive by the greatest film director James Cameron.


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2–Tonga Trench

It’s located alone 4500 meters from the center of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean.

The deepest point in the ocean the Tonga trench is marked with 10,882 meters and its depth known and amazingly considered as the second deepest point in the world, that lies at the northern end of the Kermadec Tonga subduction zone of our planet.

It’s also interestingly known as the Horizon deep point of Pacific Ocean.

It leads the northeast from Kermadec islands north of the north island of New Zealand.


 It’s considered as one of the most active seismic regions of the earth with its subduction rate of almost 9 inches in a year.


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3–Philippine Trench

It’s also known as the Galatea Depth and its depth is considered as the third deepest point in the world with 10,540 meters and with the length of 1320 kilometers and with its wide range 30 kilometers in the east of the Philippines.


It’s originated historically known as the collision between tectonic plates and the Philippines sea and it’s subduction under the Philippines mobile belt at 16 centimeters per year.


It’s exactly located in the northern Maluku island of Halmahera in Indonesia.


Philippine Trench map, Philippine Trench, Philippine Trench location, Philippine Trench depth


 4–Kuril–Kamchatka Trench

It’s too known as the Kuril trench, it’s originated or formed by the late Cretaceous that was created a Kuril island arc and the volcanic arc.


Its amazing depth is marked with 10,500 meters and exactly located Off the southeast coast of Kamchatka in the northwest Pacific Ocean.


This zone is considered as the most earthquake prone and marked several serious earthquakes in the recently in few decades.


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5–Kermadec Trench

The trench is commonly known for its thousands of kilometers parallel with the island arc and it is discovered that it’s really abrupt slope.

It’s originated or created by the subduction of the Pacific Ocean plate under the indo Australian plate with thousands of parallel island arc.


Its depth is discovered amazingly with 10,047 meters and considered as the fifth most deepest point in the world.


It’s exactly located in the south part of Japan in the western Pacific Ocean.


Kermadec Trench map, Kermadec Trench, Kermadec Trench depth, Kermadec Trench location,


6. Izu-Ogasawara Trench


The trench is also the formation of the Pacific Ocean plate with the subduction below the Philippines sea plate, and that created the Izu islands and Bonin islands.


It’s originated and located in the south Japan in the western Pacific Ocean and extended from Japan to the north of Japan trench.


Its amazing depth is recorded with 9,780 meters and marked as the sixth Deepest Part of the Ocean


Izu-Ogasawara Trench map, Izu-Ogasawara Trench, Izu-Ogasawara Trench depth, Izu-Ogasawara Trench location,


7–Japan Trench


It lies in the northern Pacific Ocean and off northeast part of Japan.

It’s considered as the part of Ring of fire of Pacific Ocean.

It’s formed or created when the Pacific Ocean plate was the subduction to the continental Okhotsk plate.


Japan trench is considered as the most tsunami and earthquakes prone regions of the earth and it’s been discovered that the continuously movement on the subduction zone with Japan trench which is marked as the cause of earthquake and tsunami.


Its amazing depth is marked with 9,000 meters with the seventh most deepest point in the world and it’s located between Kuril Islands and Bonin islands in the northern part of Japan and Pacific Ocean.


Japan Trench, Japan Trench map, Japan Trench depth, Japan Trench location,


8–Puerto Rico Trench


It’s originated at the border between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

The trench is marked amazingly with 800 kilometers long or 8,648 meters depth and considered it’s the deepest point in Milwaukee deep and too deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean.


This trench is too marked as the most tsunami and earthquakes region of earthquakes prone area in the world.

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Puerto Rico Trench, Puerto Rico Trench map, Puerto Rico Trench depth, Puerto Rico Trench location


9–South Sandwich Trench


It’s formed amazingly by the subduction and it’s located in the south Atlantic Ocean.

The trench is considered Deepest Part of the Ocean as the deepest trench in the south Atlantic Ocean.


It has the trench nearby which constitutes a volcanic island arc which result from the active volcano of Mount Belinda and Montagu island.


Its depth is considered with 8,428 meters and amazingly located in 122 kilometers northeast of Zavodovski.


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10–Atacama Trench


It’s formed or located in the eastern Pacific Ocean around 160 kilometers off the coast of Peru and Chile.

And thus the trench is also known as the Peru-Chile trench.


It’s the result of a convergent boundary, defines the boundary between sub-ducting Nazca plate and the South American plate.


The Depth of amazing trench is recorded with around 5,900 kilometers long or 8,065 meters with the width of 64 kilometers and covering around 590,000 kilometers square.

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