• Ice cream in a bowl.

      Ice cream in a cone.

      Ice cream any way I want

      As long as it’s my own.

      Ice cream can be sticky.

      Ice cream can be sweet.

      Ice cream is delicious,

      It’s my very favorite treat!

    • I have a little frog

      His name is Tiny Tim,

      I put him in the bathtub,

      To see if he could swim,

      He drank up all the water,

      And gobbled up the soap!

      And when he tried to talk

      He had a bubble in his throat!

  • Will my dreams
    come true?

    • Will my dreams come true this new year?

      Will that rosy down arrive?

      Will, I find the foot of the rainbow,

      And the things for which I strive?

      Will I follow a road that’s greener?

      Will the misty hills grow clear

      Beyond the far horizon?

      Will my dreams come true this year?

      I wish I could read a crystal

      In which my fate I would see!

      I wish I could find an omen

      That would show my future to me!

      I wish I could learn what fortune

      So darkly plans to do.

      I wish some genie would tell me-

      Will all my dreams come true?

  • I’m a little reindeer!
    • I’m a little reindeer,

      ready to fly.

      I’ll pull Santa’s  sleigh

      Up in the sky.

      Christmas is here,

      We can’t be late.

      All the children

      Just cannot wait!”

    • I made my self a snowball,

      As perfect as could be.

      I thought I’d keep it as a pet,

      And let it sleep with me

      I made it some pajamas,

      And pillow for its head.

      Then last night, it ran away.

      But first. It wet the bed!

  •  Sunny June!
    • June is a short word.

      That’s why I like it.

      It is easy to spell and easy to say-

      And isn’t it fun

      To play in the sun

      That June shines on us each summer day?

      I am as sorry

      As I can be

      When bright, lovely, has gone away.

  • Our kittens!
    • Our kittens have the softest fur,

      And the sweetest little purr,

      And such little velvet paws

      With such cunning little claws,

      And blue eyes, just like the sky!

      (Must they turn green by and by?)

      Two are striped tigers, three

       are as black as can be

      And they run so fast and play

      With their tails, and are so gay,

      Is it not a pity that

      Each must grow into cats?

  • My Pet Elephant!
    • I would rather have an elephant

      Than a bicycle or a scooter;

      And Because its memory is superb

      It’s better than a computer.

  • Sandcastle of peace!
    • There once was an artist from Greece,

      Who sculpted a hand made a masterpiece.

      In came the high tide,

      “my masterpiece!” He cried.

      Away went his sand castle of peace.

  •  The cat in the hat!
    • I cannot see

      I cannot pee

      I cannot chew

      I cannot screw

      Oh, my god, what can I do?

      My memory shrinks

      My hearing stinks

      No sense of smell

      I look like hell

      My mood is bad – – can’t you tell?

      My body is drooping

      Have trouble pooping

      The golden years have come at last

      The golden years can kiss My Ass!

  • Spring is here!
    • Spring is here

      Spring is here

      Goodbye, Snow.

      Flowers grow.

      Birds and bees,

      Leaves on trees.

      Hello. Spring.

      Hello. spring.

  • I like…
    • “I like to see the stockings

      I like to see the gifts

      I like to see the bells

      I like to see the tree

      And I like to see Santa

      Looking at me!”

  • I’ll wear a smile!
    • I’ll wear a smile!

      That’s my resolution.

      I’ll wear a smile!

      Though the skies are dark.

      All the while

      I’ll wear a smile.

      Then the year will be

      One long, happy lark.

  • The little lamb!
    • Little lamb, little lamb

      Why don’t you bleat?

      I can tell you

      You sound so sweet.

      Little lamb, little lamb

      Full of fun and frolic

      Come near, come here,

      Let me plant you a kiss.

  • Hug O’ War!
    • I will not play at tug o’ war.
      I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
      Where everyone hugs
      Instead of tugs,
      Where everyone giggles
      And rolls on the rug,
      Where everyone kisses,
      And everyone grins,
      And everyone cuddles,
      And everyone wins.

  • Spring!
    • The air is cool, the breeze is light.
      The clouds in the sky are fluffy and white.

      The flowers open to show their bright faces,
      as the garden snail alongside paces.

      The trees unfold their bright green leaves.
      The spider a silken web she weaves.

      The birds sing their notes high and clear.
      Cheer up! Cheer up! Spring is here!

  • The monster!
    • I thought I saw a monster

      underneath my bed-

      His hair was tall

      and his eyes were red

      I thought I saw I monster

      underneath my chair

      His belly was purple

      and he had blue hair

      I thought I saw a monster

      in my room last night

      His feet were orange

      and he had white ears

      I thought I saw a monster

      and he saw me too

      but don’t tell my father

      he’ll be scared, you see?

  • I like!
    • I like …
      I like sunshine
      I like snow 
      I like brown leaves
      when they blow.
      I like cookies.
      I like cake.
      I like waffles

       when they wake.
      I like collies.

      I like cats.

      I like clowns

       In funny hats.
      I like baseball.

       I like trans.

       I like sleeping

       when it rains.
      I like stories at bedtime.
      I LIKE poems when they rhyme !!!!!! 

  • Nature!
    • the morning sun shines so brightly with its light.
      The owl and moon come out at night.

      I watch the birds fly high in the sky.
      Oh, how I love to see them go by.

      When spring comes around, butterflies flutter their wings
      In the happiness of fresh flowers saying,
      “Yes! It’s spring.”

  • Spring sings!
    • Spring sings,
      Its gentle breeze
      Butterflies of Glazing wings
      Birds cheerfully sing them
      Lighthearted songs
      As they soar across the meadow
      Of elegant flowers
      Delivering the message that spring is near
      The flowers danced of such joy
      The silent dance
      Moved the lake
      The water was sparkling 
      For the flowers danced gracefully 
      Across it
      Spring sings its gentle song.

  • colors!
    • My skin is kind of sort of brownish

      Pinkish yellowish white.

      My eyes are Greyish Blueish green,

      But I’m told they look orange in the night.

      My hair is reddish blondish brown,

      But it’s silver when it’s wet.

      And all the colors I am inside

      Have not been invented yet.

  • The wish!
    • I shed my tears; my tears – my consolation;
      And I am silent; my murmur is dead,
      My soul, sunk in a depression’s shade,
      Hides in its depths the bitter exultation.
      I don’t deplore my passing dream of life —
      Vanish in dark, the empty apparition!
      I care only for my love’s infliction,
      And let me die, but only die in love!
  • Last chance!
    • You walked out on us
      And never said goodbye
      In fifteen years you haven’t called
      Not even to say Hi

      It tears me up inside
      To feel like I’m alone
      You’ve never been a part of my life
      And now I’m almost grown

      Why couldn’t you just call
      Or maybe send a card
      If you couldn’t afford either of those
      A letter’s not that hard

      So many things have happened
      That you haven’t been there to see
      You’ve missed out on so much
      You’ve missed out on me

      So I’m giving you a second chance
      To step up and be a dad
      But this one is your last one
      So take it and be glad

    • I have been watching the crows and now it is dark
      Together they led night into the creaking oaks
      Under them, I hear the dry leaves walking
      That blind man
      Gathering their feathers before winter
      By the dim road that the wind will take
      And the cold
      And the note of the trumpet

  • Santa Claus’s Visit!
    • With a click and a clack

      And a great big pack,

      Down through the chimney,

      Pretty nimbly

      Somebody comes on Christmas eve!

      If we are really nice

      And as still as mice,

      If we never peep,

      And are sound asleep,

      He’ll fill our stockings, I do believe!

      And when we arise

      Next day our eyes

      Will grow big to see

      How perfectly

      He knew what we all wished to receive!

  • My tooth fell out!
    • A tooth fell out and left a space 
      So big my tongue could touch my face.

       And every time I smile, I show 
      space where something used to grow.

       I miss my tooth as you can guess 
      But then, I have to brush one less!

  • A chubby Snowman!
    • A chubby little snowman
      Had a carrot nose.
      Along came a rabbit
      And what do you suppose?
      That hungry little bunny,
      Looking for his lunch,
      ATE the snowman’s carrot nose…….
      Nibble, nibble, CRUNCH!

  •  If I Were an Apple…
    • If I were an apple
      And grew on a tree, 
      I think I’d drop down
      On a nice boy like me. 
      I wouldn’t stay there
      Giving nobody joy, 
      I’d fall down at once
      And say, “Eat me, my boy!” 

  • School Lunches
    • Our school lunches are so, so bad.
      Eating this just makes me sad.
      None of this weird food is delicious,
      And all the lunch ladies are malicious!
      The chocolate cookie is the best,
      But it is really hard to digest.
      This idea is a great big flop
      And will never ever be on top.
      Scary teachers scream, “EAT UP!”
      But how do I drink from the dirty cup?
      I don’t have a packed lunch, so I’m not so lucky.
      All this food is super mucky!
      I cannot cope with even half,
      In math class, I might barf on my graph.
      I always think, “What’s that on my plate?”
      This is the stuff I really hate,
      But I do quite like fish and chips,
      Even if the ketchup burns my lips!

  • Peace!
    • Now, God be thanked who has matched us with his hour

      And caught our youth, and wakened us from sleeping! 
      With hand made sure, clear eye, and sharpened power, 
      To turn, as swimmers into cleanness leaping, 
      Glad about a world has grown old and cold and weary; 
      Leave the sick hearts that honor could not move, 
      And half-men, and their dirty songs and dreary, 
      And all the little emptiness of love! 
      Oh! we, who have known shame, we have found release there, 
      Where there’s no ill, no grief, but sleep has mending, 

      Naught broken save this body, lost but breath; 
      Nothing to shake the laughing heart’s long peace there, 
      But only agony, and that has ended; 
      And the worst friend and enemy is but Death.

  • Once I saw a little bird.
    • Once I saw a little bird come hop, hop, hop! 
      And I cried, “Little bird, will you stop, stop, stop?” 
      I was going to the window to say, “How do you do?” 
      But he shook his little tail and away he flew.

  • A wintry night!
    • The sky is dark and the ground is white,

      The world is peaceful on this winters night,

      No one around, not a sound to be heard.

      Not a laugh, not a car, not even a bird.

      For a moment, it’s just the snow and me.

      I smile inside.

    •  I shall be telling this with a sigh

      Somewhere ages and ages hence:

      Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

      I took the one less traveled by,

      And that has made all the difference.

  • Rain!
    • The rain is raining all around, 
      It falls on field and tree, 
      It rains on the umbrellas here, 
      And on the ships at sea. 

  • Bed in Summer! 
    •  In winter I get up at night 

      And dress by yellow candle-light. 
      In summer, quite the other way, 
      I have to go to bed by day. 

      I have to go to bed and see 
      The birds still hopping on the tree, 
      Or hear the grown-up people’s feet 
      Still going past me in the street. 

      And does it not seem hard to you, 
      When all the sky is clear and blue, 
      And I should like so much to play, 
      To have to go to bed by day? 

  • Happy Thoughts!
    • The world is so full 
      of a number of things, 
      I’m sure we should all be
      as happy as kings. 

  • Heart, We Will Forget Him!
    • Heart! We will forget him!
      You an I, tonight!
      You may forget the warmth he gave,
      I will forget the light.

      When you have done, pray to tell me
      That I my thoughts may dim;
      Haste! lest while you’re lagging.
      I may remember him!

  • Fire and ice!
    • Some say the world will end in fire,
      Some say in ice.
      From what I’ve tasted of desire
      I hold with those who favor fire.
      But if it had to perish twice,
      I think I know enough of hate
      To say that for destruction ice
      Is also great
      And would suffice.

  •  Nothing Gold Can Stay!
    • Nature’s first green is gold, 
      Her hardest hue to hold. 
      Her early leaf’s a flower; 
      But only so an hour. 
      Then leaf subsides to leaf. 
      So Eden sank to grief, 
      So dawn goes down today. 
      Nothing gold can stay

  • The Dust of Snow!
    • The way a crow
      Shook down on me
      The dust of snow
      From a hemlock tree

      Has given my heart
      A change of mood
      And saved some part
      Of a day I had rued.

  • Risk!
    • And then the day came,
      when the risk
      to remain tight
      in a bud
      was more painful
      than the risk
      it took
      to Blossom.

  •  I’m Nobody! Who Are You?
    • I’m nobody! Who are you?
      Are you nobody, too?
      Then there’s a pair of us – don’t tell!
      They’d banish us, you know.

      How dreary to be somebody!
      How public, like a frog
      To tell your name the livelong day
      To an admiring Bog!

  • I Stood Upon a High Place!
    • I stood upon a high place, 
      And saw, below, many devils 
      Running, leaping, 
      and carousing in sin. 
      One looked up, grinning, 
      And said, “Comrade! Brother!”

  •  Baa, Baa Black Sheep!
    • Baa, baa, black sheep,
      Have you any wool?
      Yes sir, yes sir,
      Three bags full;
      One for the master,
      And one for the dame,
      And one for the little boy
      Who lives down the lane

  • Jack And Jill!
    • Jack and Jill
      Went up the hill
      To fetch a pail of water,
      Jack fell down
      And broke his crown
      And Jill came tumbling after.
      Up Jack got
      And home did trot
      As fast as he could caper,
      Went to bed
      To mend his head
      With vinegar and brown paper.

  • Two Little Dicky Birds!
    • Monday’s child is fair of face,
      Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
      Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
      Thursday’s child has far to go.
      Friday’s child is loving and giving,
      Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
      And the child that is born on the Sabbath Day,
      Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

  • Monday’s Child!
    • Two Little Dicky Birds,
      Sat upon a wall.
      One named Peter,
      The other named Paul,
      Fly away, Peter.
      Fly away, Paul.
      Come back, Peter!
      Come back Paul!!