5 Oceans of The World and Amazing Things You Didn't Know About World's

5 Oceans of The World

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Ocean facts All You Need To Know About the World’s 5 Oceans


5 oceans of the World


Amazing to know that we’re surrounded with not only land but also Oceans and these are five with so much incredible stories and amazing 5 ocean Facts.


The most fascinating and interesting ocean facts of our planet are commonly known as the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans and southern or as Antarctic ocean.


After combining all these five ocean facts, we can easily say that around 72% of earth surface are covered or filled with saline (salty) water.


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One of the most important thing about our earth is that approximately 97% of  water on the earth is contained from these 5 oceans facts.


It’s historically thought that there were four oceans on the earth and these were named as the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic. 


However, it’s counted later ocean facts is 5 oceans in many different countries, and the additional ocean was considered as fifth, and it is the Southern or as Antarctic ocean.


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ocean map, 5 ocean map, oean of the world mpoceans map



facts about ocean: These are the major 5 oceans of the earth, and are the only responsible for climate and weather changes on the planet and are the part of the carbon, and these are really playing the important role in water cycling on our planet which are incredibly important for our life on Earth.


Here, I am gonna show you the 5 oceans of the world, and their boundaries and dimensions, habitat and biodiversity, threats and many more exciting and amazing things too facts about ocean.


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facts about ocean

1- Pacific Ocean


Pacific Ocean is considered As one Of the largest ocean in the world, and it is bounded or surrounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Southern Ocean to the south, it’s too bounded with Australia, and Asia to the west and the Americas to the east.


It’s really interesting to know that fact about ocean It’s discovered in 16th century by Vasco De Balboa. The Depth of the Pacific Ocean is 14,000 feet, or 4,280 meters.


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It’s amazing to have that one-third part of the total surface area of our planet is surrounded or covered by Pacific Ocean, and the spread spanning Pacific Ocean area of the earth is 165.25 million square km and it covers almost 46% of total ocean of the earth.


The Mariana Trench 35,760 feet, or 10,911 meters is one of the deepest point in the world and it’s located in the western North Pacific Ocean.


It’s really unbelievable facts about ocean that the biggest parts of the Pacific Ocean is not explored yet because of it’s the hugest, the greatest and the deepest depths.


Mariana Trench, Mariana Trench in pacific oceanMariana Trench in pacific ocean



However, the Pacific Ocean gets explored and discovered many things continuously and the petroleum and natural gases were discovered at the coastal area of Australia and New Zealand.


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Pearl extraction is also commonly found in the Pacific Ocean.


The large varieties of fishes like tuna, salmon, swordfish, herring, snapper can be seen in the Pacific.


It’s really strange to know facts about ocean that our oceans especially, the Pacific Ocean facts and its marine life are not safe and secure because of global warming and the heavy amount of industrial wastes and chemicals, fertilizer and pesticide wash-off from agricultural fields, sewage, and many more wastage have been drained continuously into the ocean.


Because of Excess of oxygen depleting pollutants triggers hypoxia and creates the dead zones of land and water life in the ocean facts.


2-Atlantic Ocean


The Atlantic Ocean facts is marked as the second largest ocean of our planet and it covers 25% of the Earth’s surface. The size of the Atlantic Ocean is 6.5 times comparably the size of the USA.


Isn’t it amazing that no body exactly know the exact size of the Atlantic Ocean facts, but it’s marked that the greatest and deepest depth of the Atlantic is 8,605 meters or 28,232 feet.


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Do you believe that there are four continents with 52 different countries or nations that are boundaries or shorelines along with Atlantic Ocean. The continents of the earth which is too surrounded by this ocean are Africa, Europe, North and South America.


There is fact about ocean one more amazing and interesting fact about Atlantic is that the Islands of Atlantic are the most volcanic origin in the world and It’s true that Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) is the greatest underwater mountain range in the world. It runs from northeast of Greenland to southwest of the cape of god hope in Africa.



Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Mid-Atlantic Ridge image, Mid-Atlantic Ridge underwaterMid-Atlantic Ridge underwater mountain


3-Indian Ocean


The Indian Ocean is considered as the third largest ocean of the earth. It covers around 14% of the Earth’s surface and about 20% of the water on the Earth’s surface.


The Indian Ocean covers amazingly the area of almost  70,560,000 square kilometers 27,240,000 square miles of the earth.


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The deepest point of Indian Ocean is Diamantina Deep in Diamantina Trench, at 8,047 meters or 26,401 feet deep and also sometimes considered is Sundae Trench, at a depth of 7,725 meters, or 25,344 feet.


The Indian Ocean facts is marked as the warmest ocean in the world. While sections of the ocean are relatively warm, but there are some parts of the Indian oceans which are extremely cold.


The ocean receives 6,000 kilometers of river run off from some of fastest flowing rivers in the world and these are known as the Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus and Zambezi rivers.


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Brahmaputra river, Brahmaputra Brahmaputra river


The Indian Ocean connects with  57 islands groups, 23 Asian and 16 African countries and Australia too.


Do know that there are some major cities on the Indian Ocean facts which have the biggest major port and these are included as Singapore, Mumbai in India, Aden in Yemen, Durban in South Africa, Muscat in Oman, Jakarta in Indonesia and Perth in Western Australia.


4-Southern Ocean


Do you really know that The Southern Ocean is also known as Antarctic Ocean, it’s the fourth largest ocean in the world after Indian Ocean.


Because of being not any borderline with any landmasses to the North,  Southern Ocean is considered as a separate ocean and reason is that it’s the different in water properties of the ocean south of the 60° S latitude.


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The Southern Ocean facts is considered as the home of the unique species in the world. These are incredible in adapting weather and climate change.


Penguins, orcas, whales, seals, colossal squids are some of the most amazing species of the Southern Ocean.


killer whale orcaskiller-whale-orcas


The terns, gulls, albatrosses, skuas, petrels of the rarely species can be found on the ocean of Antarctic and its region.


However, it’s really incredible to believe that the Southern Ocean is also one of the most dangerous ocean for ships. Choppy seas, storms, and iceberg interventions are common.


It’s discovered that southern ocean seabed are having some of the valuable natural resources in the world, these are included like massive oil and gas fields, some of the rarest mineral like gold, placer deposits, manganese nodules.


Freshwater resources of the icebergs of the Southern Ocean are amazingly considered or believed that the freshwater is  alone enough incredibly to feed every person on Earth for a period of several months.



iceberg, iceberg antarctica, iceberg freshwater antarcticaiceberg-freshwater-antarctica


5-Arctic Ocean


Arctic Ocean is marked fifth largest or we can say one of the smallest ocean in the world.

It’s located in the the northern hemisphere of Arctic north polar region. 


It’s really interesting to know that the Arctic Ocean facts is enclosed completely by the  circular basin of the North America continent, Eurasia, Greenland and so many small islands.


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The Greenland Sea and the Labrador Sea forms the connection between the Arctic ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.


The Arctic Ocean is about 14,056,000 square km, and the coastline of the ocean extends for 45,390 km. The maximum recorded depth is found to be 18,456 feet.


There are some dangerous species of whales and walruses inhabit on the Arctic ocean.


The jellyfish and the banded gunnel are some of the species of marine creatures inhabiting the Arctic Ocean’s waters.



jellyfish, jellyfish imagejelly-fish


The petroleum and natural gas fields, polymathic nodules and placers deposits are too discovered on the Arctic Ocean facts.


Arctic Ocean facts is too getting affected its marine ecosystem by the climate changes globally .



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