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130+ Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020

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135 Best New Year Resolution Ideas for 2020


the new year 2020 is coming. This is an occasion when you can make your life better by taking New Year Resolution. There is no compulsion to take a new year resolution, but I think you must take some new year resolution so that you can make your life on the same pretext to improve any aspect of it.


 To help you with this task, I have prepared a New Year Resolution List. In this list I have included 135 new considerably new year resolution 2020, they have no logical sequence. As points started coming in my mind, I kept writing. It is possible that you cannot relate to some resolutions at all, but surely you will get some resolutions related to yourself, out of which you can choose. It may also be that you like many resolutions but select as many as you can easily. My suggestion would be that you keep only four or five of these tasks in your resolution list. Hopefully, these new year resolutions will help in improving your life.


If you are confused about which new year resolution to choose, then you select the one which gives you the most happiness.


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So let’s see this list of 135 New Year Resolution.

135 New Year Resolution idea List

  1.  Never harm government property..
  2. Do not talk on mobile while driving
  3. To use the seat belt while driving your car.
  4. To obey traffic rules.
  5. To wear a helmet while driving a bike
  6.  To become an early riser
  7.  To reach office on time
  8. To spread rumors of any kind
  9. To read a new book each month.
  10. To donate your old clothes
  11. To develop a habit of sleeping and awaking on a fixed time.
  12. To save some money every month
  13. To do not drink water while standing.
  14. To offer your seats to elder people in the bus, train, and metro.
  15. Do not litter the garbage outside the dustbin.
  16. To support NGO or other social organization financially.
  17. Not to use plastic bags instead use cloth bags.
  18. Everyday laughs loudly at least once.
  19. To teach the poor students of your neighborhood and help them
  20. To learn say to no sometimes.
  21. To give some time for some public work every month.
  22. To take your family or parents on a religious tour/ foreign tour once in a year
  23. To help in cleaning house.
  24. To clean your car/bike/cycle at least once in a month.
  25. Do not talk negative about anybody.
  26. To look at the positive side of anything.
  27. To do good behavior with your office colleague.
  28. To study by self at least four hours a day for students.
  29. To invest one hour daily in the kitchen.
  30. To use stairs in metro or high-rise buildings.
  31. To give free treatment to five people each week for doctors.
  32. To pray god for at least five minutes a day.
  33. Do not talk more than three hours on mobile phone daily.
  34. To sleep for minimum 7-8 hours daily
  35. To visit god/ goddess in temples/ masjid/church/gurudwara once in a week.
  36. To use cycle or walk to go to nearby places.
  37. To off light and fan while going outside the room.
  38. To start a new source of income.
  39. To eat food on time daily.
  40. To keep yourself stress-free.
  41. To appreciate the work of others every day.
  42. Switch off water motor when the tank is full.
  43. to buy health insurance for yourself and family.
  44. To accept a mistake.
  45. Do not use mobile phones in public places.
  46. To keep your posture correct while sitting on a chair or sofa.
  47. To give some time to your hobby every day.
  48. To watch TV by sitting in proper posture and distance.
  49. To exercise at least 5 days in a week.
  50. To go on morning/evening walk every day.
  51. To call your parents once in a week.
  52. To write your personal diary every day.
  53. To give some of your time to an NGO every month.
  54. To learn to play a new instrument in a year.
  55. Not to see television for more than 3 hours a day.
  56. Not to eat sweets more than once a week.
  57. Not to smoke/booze in front of children.
  58. To use a bucket instead of a shower while taking a bath.
  59. To learn a new thing such as Driving or Swimming
  60. Not to be on Facebook for more than half-an-hour a day.
  61. Not to leave the tap open while brushing or shaving.
  62. Not to break the queue and go to the front.
  63. To throw the waste in dustbin only.
  64. To share your knowledge with others.
  65. Not to waste time doing useless things.
  66. To shake hand with others warmly.
  67. To give a smile to the people you meet.
  68. To learn cooking.
  69. To crack a competitive examination
  70. To financially support a good NGO every year.
  71. To take only as much food as you can eat.
  72. To switch off AC and light, shut down the computer while leaving your office.
  73. To visit your native place at least once in a year.
  74. to buy health insurance for yourself and family.
  75. To reach an airport or railway station half an hour before the mentioned time in the ticket.
  76. To go to the office in a proper dress.
  77. To take only as much as food you can eat.
  78. To drink water at least 3-4 liters a day.
  79. To take control of anger.
  80. To start a new source of income
  81. To eat food on time daily
  82. Every year learn a new language
  83. To have a life insurance policy for the security of family
  84. To plant a new tree before cutting an old one.
  85. Not to laugh at poor/PH or anyone
  86. To pay land rent on time.
  87. To go for at least one new certificate course in a year for professionals.
  88. Do not talk loose /smoke in front of children.
  89. To learn driving in six months.
  90. To pay your water/ electricity/ credit card bills before time.
  91. To keep your working desk neat and clean.
  92. To wish birthdays/ anniversaries to your friends and relatives.
  93. Do not watch TV for more than 3 hours a day.
  94. Do not check blog earning or website statistics more than twice a day.
  95. To learn typing in a year.
  96. To attend PTM when it is called by a school.
  97. To learn to play a new instrument in a year.
  98. To plant/ motivate someone to plant a sapling in your house or nearby park every month.
  99. To go for outing with your family members once in a month.
  100. To keep account of expenses daily.
  101. To meet new people.
  102. To take medicine on time.
  103. To keep the sugar level in control (for a diabetic).
  104. To learn new skills.
  105. To water flowers at least thrice in a week.
  106. To keep money lying in savings account into a fixed deposit
  107. To call your parents once a week if you live in another city.
  108. To check and update all bank documents, FD, etc. details once in a month.
  109. To eat veggies every day.
  110. To sanitize your phone weekly.
  111. To keep clutter out of the kitchen.
  112. To take tea or coffee maximum twice a day.
  113. To keep water for birds on the roof.
  114. To read some books related to a religion other than yours.
  115. To behave in a good manner with your subordinates.
  116. To resolve an issue related to your society or locality.
  117. To talk to a friend with whom you haven’t talked for a while every month.
  118. To eat only veg food for one month.
  119. Not to jump the red light.
  120. Not to talk loudly on the phone in public places.
  121. To praise somebody every day.
  122. To switch off the fan, light, etc while leaving the room.
  123. To start an alternative source of income.
  124. Not to do the office work at home.
  125. Not to cheat on an exam. (for student)
  126. To do your homework yourself.
  127. To ensure your life.
  128. To learn a new dish every month.
  129. Not to talk bad about anybody.
  130. To call or message or phone your loved ones every week.
  131. To read a newspaper daily.
  132. To sit in the right position on a chair.
  133. To learn how to cook,
  134. Never to take bribe.
  135. Never to give bribe.


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