Interesting facts about lake Superior You love to know

Interesting facts about lake Superior

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Interesting facts about lake Superior

One of the amazing natural resources is known as the lakes.

Lakes are really and amazingly considered as the source of freshwater on the earth.

There are so many incredible lakes making our planet beautiful and one of them is commonly and famously known as the Lake Superior.

Lake Superior is marked as not only the greatest and the largest lake on the earth but also it’s considered as the world’s largest source of the freshwater lake by area.


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1. History of Lake Superior


It’s really amazing to know that the name of the lake came from the French word Lac Superieur, which means the upper lake and it’s called because of its north of Lake Huron, and it’s discovered first by Brûlé.

The name of the lake is superior which refers to the greatest and superiority in its size.

It’s designated superior on the ranking amongst most of the lake’s position.

first took in shape approximately 1.2 billion years ago.

It’s a result of the North American Mid-Continent Rift, which had been carved an arc-shaped scar stretching from Kansas through Minnesota.


2. Location and Area of Lake Superior


It is situated amazingly on the border between the United States and Canada.

It is actually situated on the northern edge of Wisconsin and it extends from the upper peninsula of Michigan north to Ontario of Canada and it reaches west to the eastern edge of Minnesota.

The lake superior is around 160 miles wide and around 350 miles long and the surface area of Lake Superior is amazingly around 31700 square miles and the volume of water is around 2900 cubic miles and the shoreline of Lake Superior is incredibly measured around 2776 miles.

It’s really amazing and interesting to see the moon rises at the sunset at Split Rock Lighthouse and on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.


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3. The deepest point of Lake Superior


Do you really know some of the amazing facts about Lake Superior clear water.

The incredible deepest point is approximately 1,300 feet below the surface, and water is extremely clear water, and its average visibility is of 27 feet and it’s really an amazingly freezing water.


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4. Wildlife on Lake Superior


Lake Superior is considered as the home of the 80 fish species. It includes carp and trout varieties, salmon and perch.


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The area of Lake Superior is also commonly known for plant species, it includes Michigan’s state tree, flowering Rush, and the white pine.

The most amazing and interesting fact about Lake Superior is that it’s home to the bird species, it has the varieties of loons, owls, hawks, and woodpeckers.


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amazingly and incredibly hosts around 10,000 migrants of birds of prey each day during the fall migration season.

There are some of the small population of the dangerous whooping cranes on the north shore of the lake.

It’s really amazing to know that Lake Superior’s basin is known for the home of around 60 orchid species and the aquatic plants which grow along the shoreline.


5. The water temperature of Lake Superior


The weather of Lake Superior is genuinely and generally moderate with warmer temperatures than inland throughout the year.

In winter season of the temperatures of  incredibly and rarely fall below minus 30 F. Which is really above the inland temperatures.


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Ice covers the rocks on the Lake Superior and it’s really interesting and amazing to see completely freezings of the superior  during the most winters and around 40 to 95 percent of is covered with ice.

It’s really amazing to know the temperatures of June July which is really amazing and calm months.

While October and November are prone to storms.

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