30 interesting facts you would love to know about Alaska

interesting facts about Alaska

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30 interesting facts about alaska You would love to know


Do you know that Alaska facts is a state of the extremely northwest at West Coast of the United States and it across the Bering Strait from Asia. The border with the Canadian province of British Columbia and the territory of Yukon to the east and southeast.

Here are 30 Interesting facts about alaska

1. Amazing to know that interesting facts about Alaska, alaska is the largest state of the US by its total area at approximately 663,268 square miles or 1,717,856 km2.

It’s considered as the twice size of Texas. It’s marked as larger than all but 18 sovereign countries.

 Alaska  map


Alaska map, map of alaska, political map of alaska


2. It’s really interesting that the flag of Alaska was designed by Bennie Benson in 1926 at age 13.

But, Alaska official state flag was adopted in 1959.

The flag of Alaska


the flag of alaska, alaska flag, flag of alaska,


3. It’s really incredible to know that interesting facts about Alaska is having the most coastal line area than the rest of the other US coastline which is combined as more than 34,000 miles.


Thus it’s the only state with having coastlines on the three different seas that are the Pacific, Arctic Ocean, and Bering sea.


Alaska Coastline area, Alaska Coastline,


4. Can you believe Alaska has more inland than any of the other states of the US. It’s around 20,171 square miles.


5. It’s really incredible to know that Lake lliamna is the largest Lake of Alaska, and more than 3000 rivers and 3 million lakes can be found in Alaska.


Lake lliamna, Lake lliamna image, Lake lliamna alaska,


6. It’s really interesting and amazing facts about alaska to know that Alaska is the only state which name can be typed on one row of the keyboard.


7. It’s really interesting facts about alaska amazing to know that Almost half of the glaciers of the earth can be found in Alaska, and it’s incredible that around 5% of Alaska is covered by more than 1000 glaciers in the state.


alaska glaciers, glacier bay alaska,


8. Can you believe Alaska’s population density is considered as the lowest in the nation. It’s marked at one person per square mile.


9. It’s really interesting facts about alaska to know that if New York City would have the same population density as Alaska then only 16 people would be living in Manhattan in New York of the US.


10. Do you know out of 20 highest peaks of the United States, 17 highest peaks are situated in Alaska. It includes the highest peak in North America that’s 20320 feet and known as Denali.


Denali, Denali highest peak in alaska, denali highest peak, denali alaska,


11. It’s interesting facts about alaska to know that the two largest forests of the nation like Tongass in the southeast around 16.8 million acres and another one Chugach in the south-central around 4.8 acres are located in Alaska.


tongass, tongass national forest, tongass forest, tongass forest alaska,


12. It’s incredible to know that Alaska interesting facts is considered as the most prone to earthquakes. It’s found that Alaska contains around 100 active volcanoes and eruption of volcanic fields over the last 2 million years.


volcanoes in alaska, active volcanoes in alaska


13. It’s proof that Alaska faces around 5000 earthquakes each year which includes more than 1000 measure above 3.5 on the Richter scale.


14. Did you know that out of the 10 strongest earthquakes have ever recorded in the world, three of them have occurred in Alaska.


15. Do you know that Alaska has the largest single wilderness park area in the nation, it’s around 9078675 acres.


16. It’s really amazing to know that the next second-largest wilderness area is too located in Alaska, it’s over 1500 square miles.


17. One more interesting fact about Alaska is that the five largest wilderness area of the United States is located in Alaska. It’s range in size between 14185 square miles to 5288 square miles.

These areas are considered as critical for development and considered as dangerous because of environmental pollution.


wilderness area, wilderness area in alaska, largest wilderness area, largest wilderness area  in alaska


18. It’s really interesting to know that Alaska alone has major contribution to oil production in the United States. It’s around 25% of total production in the nation.


19. North America’s largest oil field is known as Prudhoe Bay and it’s located on the northern part of Alaska coastal area.


20. One more amazing fact about Alaska is that it’s a trans-Alaska pipeline which moves up to 88000 barrels of oil per hour on the 800-mile journey to Valdez.


trans-Alaska pipeline, trans Alaska pipeline, trans  pipeline, Alaska pipeline


21. It’s amazing that Alaska is the only state of US that doesn’t collect any sales tax or levy on individual income tax in the US.


22. Do you know that seafood and fishing industry is the largest and the most common private business in Alaska.


23. One of the largest Salmon was caught at the Kenai River, which was measured and weighed as 97.5 pounds. Do you know that in America, most of the Salmon, Crabs, halibuts, and herring come from Alaska.


24. It’s really amazing and interesting after knowing that Kodiak and polar bears of Alaska can grow up to 1400 pounds and 11 feet tall. Moose can too grow up to 1350 pounds and 6 feet wide.


polar bears, polar bears image


25. Do you know that The willow ptarmigan is the state bird of Alaska.


willow ptarmigan bird, willow ptarmigan,


26. It’s really interesting that Vegetables are too source income and as the common business in Alaska. Alaska is known for the Giant vegetables. Alaska has recorded cabbage weighing in at 94 pounds. The reason behind this is the extremely long summer days.


27. The average temperature in the month of January is-1 degree-Fahrenheit.


28. Do you know that the highest temperature was recorded as 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Yukon fort in 1915, and the lowest was-80 degree Fahrenheit at prospect creek camp in 1971.


29. One of the most interesting and fascinating fact about Alaska is that it’s illegal to whisper somebody’s ears while they are hunting moose in Alaska.


30. The largest seal colony which is over one million seals are known as the Pribilof Islands.

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