#stand for humanity#

#humanity is above all#


Humanity; compassionate, sympathetic or generous behavior.

Humanity is the quality or state of being humane,  kindness, goodness and mercifulness towards not only people but also other creatures such as natural resources and animals and others, and is based on the pillar of human right which includes; civil and political rights like right to life, liberty and personal security, and freedom of expression, discrimination, slavery, belief and religion, opinion and information, pursuit of happiness and equality before the law; and social, cultural and economic rights and the right to education and work.


There are many definitions of Humanity which shows that human being is created as a perfect example of humanity.


The perfect definition is quoted by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Article 1. Right to equality


“All human beings are born and free in dignity and rights. They are endowed reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a sprint of brotherhood.”


As per the World Human Rights Forum (WHRF)

There are few pledges for Human.


I  believe recognition of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of justice and peace in the world.


I believe that every individual is entitled to dignity and respect without prejudice towards the gender race, color, creed, language, Religion, Nationality or any other Status.


My Religion is Humanity



I will treat all people with dignity and respect and uphold their rights even when I disagree with their opinion.


I shall not violate of human rights of others through my words or deeds.


I assure that I will strive to honor this pledge, knowing that the world will be a better place when I respect others.


Why am I saying this because I just wanna remind you including me that we are bound to live our life with these basic rights to make a flawless and peaceful world but perhaps we have forgotten our pledge of humanity?


We have been busying to satisfy our innumerable desires, greedy soul and selfish nature. Whatever is happening in the current situation in the world as the result of our own false creation.


As a human being of this world, I am too equally responsible for not making any effort or not contributing to peace around the world.


We have been continuously violating human rights by our bitter words or inhuman deeds.


We are discriminating and separating ourselves in the name of religious, nationality, color, language, class, creed and race, but we are one. We are one human being.



I mesmerize the childhood memories when I used to be taught that humanity comes first and foremost because we belong to the same race as the human race.

We should respect everyone without any discrimination.


Today we got to see one perfect example of humanity.


I really wanna appreciate and thank to Mr. Imran Khan the Honorable PM of Pakistan by setting an example of the spreading peace and act of kindness and showing humanity after releasing our the best and the strongest IAF wing commander Mr. Abhinandan.

Once again the heartiest and biggest Thanks to Imran Khan.


Welcome back IAF Wing commander Mr. Abhinandan

A big Congratulation to you.

We as a whole nation are with you and proud of your bravest and selfless contribution towards nation flawlessly and hoping to serve your kindness Service always to the welfare of the nation.


I really wanna request the world to spread love, peace, and brotherhood to save humanity.


Because war is not a solution, whoever wins the war, doesn’t make any difference but humanity definitely loses.


Religion must die for humanity to live


If you wanna war, just do war against illiteracy, do war against Unemployment, do war against your selfish and greedy nature, do war against child labor, do war against inhumanity, do war against discrimination.


We are one, Be united, spread love and peace.



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