India’s Golden Girl Hima Das Wins 5th Gold Medal, PM Modi, President, Sachin Tendulkar applaud her achievement

India’s Golden Girl Hima Das Wins 5th Gold Medal,

India’s Golden Girl Hima Das Wins 5th Gold Medal, 1

Hima Das better known Dhing Express


Yes as whenever we hear this name we feel proud of being an Indian because there are some of the youngest people in our country who are really contributing to make our country proud and showcasing our country’s talent and the youth icon, the youngest brand ambassador and Arjuna awardees, Hima das is the one of them who proved to her sports spirit and continuing proving the world that Indians are the best in every field specially in sports.


Early Life

She was born in 9 January 2000 in an indigenous poor joint family, her father’s a farmer.She belongs to dhing, Nagaon district, Assam state in India.


She’s also known as the Dhing express, and reason behind that is Since her native place is Dhing so people call her Dhing express, it’s also her nickname.


hima das journey


At the very early stage of her life, she was really good in football and she wished to continue playing football until a man whose name was Shamshul sheikh, he was the teacher of jawahar navodaya vidiyal, he was really impressive after watching her incredible speed  while playing football in her youngest age, he couldn’t stop himself to advice her one of the best and the most valuable thing and now she is the youngest athlete and the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal in a track event of IAAF World  under 20 championship.


How Hima Das rose to success

She won two gold medals in 4x400m and one silver in 400m in Asian games at Jakarta in Indonesia.

It’s really amazing that her personal best timing of 50.79 seconds in 400m which she recorded at the Asian games Indonesia last year 2018.


One of the amazing and interesting fact about Hima Das is that when she was competing in commonwealth games in Australia, she had finished on the sixth place in 400m and 4x400m and her personal timing was recorded 51.32 seconds which was 1.17 seconds slightly more than the Botswana the gold medalist in 400m and same happened in 4x400m finished at the seventh place.


After that 12 July in 2018, the Indian sprinter runner, Hima das recorded her history with first ever winning of gold medal in international track in 400m at IAAF World U20 championship at tamper in Finland, and became first Indian youngest athlete in winning gold medal for India.


hima das


After incredible wining in Jakarta when she was returning back to home, some surprises were waiting on her arrival, it’s adidas a sportswear company who surprised her with an amazing endorsement on her massive and impressive performance with an youngest winner athlete tag in the field of Indian racing history.


Brand Ambassador of Adidas


In September 2018, Adidas India not only signed Hima Das with huge amount of appreciation but also stated that the Indian star sprinter runner would be provided and equipped with the best out of best sports equipment and sports products, which is used for an international athlete in racing.


ima das Brand Ambassador of Adidas


Recent Success of Hima Das:


Now, Hima das who’s best known as Dhing Express and as the youngest youth brand ambassador made country proud once again while winning back to back Five gold medal in a month. The list of her records is as follows;


1. It’s started with her first competitive race winning gold medal with 23.65 seconds in 200m on 2 July, at the Poznań athletics Grand Prix in Poland.


2. After that on 7 July, she won her second gold with her personal timing 23.97 in 200m at the Kutno athlete in Poland again.


3. And on 13 July, she won again third time gold in 200m with her winning timing recorded 23.43 at the Kladno athlete meet in Czech Republic.


4. After that she once again made India and Indian sports proud as on her fourth gold medal winning with her personal timing recorded 23.25 seconds in 200m, on 17 July at tabor athlete meet in same Poland.


5. After four outstanding win consecutively in a month, she created history for Indian sports after winning her fifth time race at Czech Republic in Prague on Saturday in 400m with her personal 52.09 seconds timing which is more than 50.79 seconds her best ever finishing time in 400m race which was recorded last year as the best time of Asian games season.


India’s Golden Girl Hima Das Wins 5th Gold Medal, 2


However after winning this race she was marked as her season’s best time with 52.09 in 400m.


After fifth winning consistently Hima Das tweeted and said that “finished 400m today on the top here in Czech Republic today.”

Hima Das thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, president of india Ram Nath Kovind and Sachin Tendulkar for their wishes and vowed to keep working hard to bring laurels to India.


sachin on hima das

PM Modi tweet-on Hima Das

president of india tweet on hima das win 5 gold medal

Awards and Further Accolades of hima

One more incredible and remarkable thing , Das the youth icon experienced at the age of 18 that she was conferred with one of the most prestigious Arjuna Award by Indian President in 2018 for her outstanding contribution in bringing india ahead internationally in athletics and for her excellent winning first ever gold medal in athletics.


The Arjuna award was rewarded in the glittering ceremony on 25 September 2018 Receiving Arjuna Award From Honorable President of India Ram Nath Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhawan, in New Delhi.


Hima Das Receiving Arjuna Award


After that Assam government has appointed the gold medalist Hima das as the brand ambassador of Assam for sports.


It was really not enough for her outstanding winning so Later in same year Hima das was appointed as India’s first ever youth brand ambassador by UNICEF-India.


Apart from these all awards and rewards Indian Government had announced the Star of sprinter runner and the youngest brand ambassador of India to give top priority by providing end to end fundings and all facilities until Tokyo Olympic, which is gonna held in 2020.

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