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Introduction my First Blog

Introduction to my First Blog


Hi…… I welcome you on

First of all, I would like to say big thank to you all for being part of my creative world. I am honored and proud to be part of your life and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Md Taufeeque. I am a creative writer, an author, and a blogger.

I write fiction novels and stories, including romantic, comedy, thriller, science fiction, fairytale, action, adventures, fantasies, and fiction series as well. I am working on common people and their experiences, and also Educational and informational knowledge.

I am here blogging because I want to share something with you people which may be really effective and worthy of knowing, maybe this will relate to you people or give the way of living your life.

First of all, I wanna share my experience of life. It’s not easy for me to survive without having any imagination, I had been going through the different stages of my life which were unimaginable and not in my control but one thing which made me keep going was my strong willpower and belief in myself. While growing up I was really enjoying my life without the meaning and direction of my life, even though I was dreaming so much, but I was not following my passion. But one thing which keeps me always alive is my passion.

A few years ago: I started my career with Banking. It was a full time working job. Everything was going on perfectly. But Still, I was searching for the meaning and purpose of my life. I wanted to be something else but unfortunately, I had to continue with my banking profession. I was happy but not satisfied with my life.

I never stopped dreaming and after a few long years striving of soul searching. I decided to dare to follow my dreams which was somewhere dying within me over a period of time.

What I have discovered the power of daring and believing in yourself with pushing your passion to create the best of you.

I started following my passion and Writing has always been my passion which I did not accept because of losing something out of my fear. I believe that creativity starts within us and ends too if we don’t dare to take it out. Now I’m endeavoring to be a full-time writer and blogger. I am to come up with the best of storytelling and blogging on educational and informational knowledge. I am going to share you all different kind of experience of different common people all around the world. I want to ensure the best way of experiencing the different aspects of common people lives.

I am working on educational and informational knowledge-based projects for bringing you all people, so I am gonna blog on informational knowledge,  General awareness, and other valuable knowledge as well which can be helpful for us.

My desire is to show the real world for you and explore the experiences of the common people around the world. I am gonna come up with new ideas, thoughts and amazing experiences every day.

I really would like to appreciate you for your valuable time and would really love to know your feedback.

Meanwhile, if you want to suggest to me or share anything, please feel free to tell me.

I wanna once again thanks to you people for your love.


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