Amazing Facts About The Top 10 Fastest flowing Rivers in the world

The World’s Top 10 Fastest Flowing River

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Amazing Fact about The Top 10 Fastest flowing River in the world


Do you ever imagine that how we get freshwater and as we know that oceans are full of salty water, which is not liable of drinking water.


Rivers really play a important role in the source of freshwater and help the people on the earth to serve as the source of drinking water.


Rivers are too considered as the source of transportation to the water nutrients to the different part of continents and countries of the world. It’s predicted that rivers are alone able to fulfill the requirement of not only people but also plants, animals and agricultural on the earth. It’s drained around 75% of the surface area of the earth.


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Rivers are also useful for agriculture in growing the crops and plants and different species and it’s considered the only resource of food for different organisms. It’s too marked as the most important natural resource and source of hydropower to produce electricity and to do other business and economic activities for the world.



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Some of the most important and the fastest flowing rivers of our planet are shortlisted and ranked accordingly to understand and remember easily.


1–Amazon River—2,09,000 m3/s.


It’s really incredible and unbelievable to know that Amazon River is one the source of freshwater river in the world.


Amazon river is located at Iquitos of Peru in the South American continent and It’s considered as the highest discharge of water river in the world. It’s known as one of the fastest flowing river without any bridges and crossing areas available because of its speed or power and size. It’s also marked as the largest river of the world by its volume.


It’s amazing to know that the amazon river is measured in either meters or feet cubic per second. It’s covering the total distance of 4,132 miles of the earth and marked one of the longest river in the world.


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One of the interesting fact about this river is that Now amazon basin is considered as the largest water drainage basin of the world which is covering the total area of earth around 2,720,000 square miles from the Andes of Peru through Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Brazil to get drained into the Atlantic Ocean.

Amazon fastest flowing river too is the representative of World’s 20% riverine discharge water into the ocean. It’s discharged 7,380,765 cubic feet per second.


Amazon River, Amazon River facts, Amazon River image, Amazon Rivers


2–Congo River—41,200 m3/s


Do you know that Congo fastest flowing River is considered as the second largest river in the world by the water discharge volume and the deepest river with the depth of 720 feet deep reaching at its lowest level point of earth.


It’s really amazing after knowing that The Congo fastest flowing river is found in the Africa continent. It’s too marked as the second largest river of Africa. It covers the total distance of 2,920 miles of the surface area of earth and it makes the 9th longest river in the world and only the river which crosses the equator twice.


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It’s interesting to know that The basin of Congo fastest flowing river covers the surface area of earth around 1,500,000 square miles and it’s approximately around 13% of Africa continent landmass.


Can you believe that The Congo fastest flowing river has the discharge of water around 1,454,964 cubic feet per second. It starts from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and drains into the Atlantic Ocean.


The main source of the water of the Congo fastest flowing river is island of the Eastern Africa continent Rift Valley and in the mountain East African, and the lake Mweru and lake tanganyika.


congo river, congo river facts, congo river imagecongo river-africa


3–Ganges – Brahmaputra – Meghna—38,129


It’s really interesting to know that These river are found in the Eurasia and combined the total length of 3,371 miles.


The Ganges fastest flowing River flows through the Bangladesh, and covers India and it’s total distance of around 1,569 miles. It’s found or originated from the Himalayas to the Indian state of Uttarakhand where the Ganges flows through the south-east passing through the Ganges plains in the northern part of India before draining to the Bay of Bengal.


Ganges river, Ganges river facts, Ganges Ganges River



The Brahmaputra fastest flowing River flows through three countries that’s China, India, and Bangladesh uncovers. It originates too in the part of the Himalayas in Tibet and into Uttar Pradesh in India and finally drains into Bangladesh in Bay of Bengal.


brahmaputra river, brahmaputra river factsBrahmaputra River


Meghna fastest flowing River can be found in Bangladesh and it originates in Bangladesh and forms the world’s largest delta fanning out into the Bay of Bengal.


Meghna river, Meghna river facts, Meghna river imageMeghna river


Do you know that All these three rivers have the drainage total surface area of the world covering around 668,472 square miles and have an average discharge flow around 1,346,513 cubic feet per second and all of the three rivers finally discharge into the Bay of Bengal.


4–Orinoco River—37,000 m3/s


It’s really amazing and interesting fact that the Orinoco fastest flowing River originates in the South America and considered as one the longest rivers of South America.


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It flows around 1330 miles through out the Venezuela and Columbia and discharge into the Atlantic Ocean.


The Orinoco River has the drainage surface an area of the earth around 340,000 square miles and around 75% of the river is located in Venezuela, and rest in Columbia.


It’s really amazing that The Orinoco fastest flowing river was explored as the 453 years ago before the non ingenious people. It is divided into four stretches geographically included as the Upper, Middle, Lower, and Delta Orinoco.


Orinoco river, Orinoco river facts, Orinoco river imageOrinoco river in Venezuela


5–Madeira—31,200 m3/s


Do you know that Madeira River is formed between the junction of the Mamore and Beni Rivers at the Villa Bella, Bolivia.


One of the amazing fact about Madeira fastest flowing River is that the major tributary of the Amazon was given by the Portuguese Rio Madeira. It originates and flows from the northward forming border between Bolivia and Brazil for approximately 60 miles around 100 km.


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Amazing to know that The junction of the Madeira fastest flowing river is between Abuna river, the madeira meanders, northeastward in Brazil through Rondonia and Amazon River around 90 miles or around 145 km east of Manus. It flows around the 100 miles or 160 km into the amazon father downstream and creates marshy island of tupinambarama.


madeira river, madeira river image, madeira river factsmadeira river


6–Yangtze or Chang Jiang—30,166 m3/s


Do you know that The origin of Yangtze fastest flowing River is the more cities than any other river in the world. It starts through the Chines states of Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. This is the perhaps second only river to Nile in greatness, and its amazing and interesting history of about the river will leave you inspired.


The amazing fact about this river is that it’s Drainage Basin covers almost 20 % of the total landmass of the China and it’s marked as the busiest river in the world in terms of cruising, shipments, transportation and ferries to cross the river.


It is the home of the three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze river and the dam is incredibly, amazingly and commonly considered as the biggest Hydroelectric Dam in the world.


Yangtze river, Yangtze river  image, Yangtze river  factsYangtze river in china


7–Negro River—28,400 m3/s


It’s amazingly originates from the so many headstreams like it includes Vaupes or Mapes and Guainia which rise in the rain forest of eastern Columbia. It’s too major tributary of the Amazon by Rio Negro Portuguese and Rio Negro Spanish.

It’s Interesting to know that The Guainía flows from east and then reaches the northeast and southeast, and forms the Colombian–Venezuelan border.

The junction of Negro river is  near San Carlos de Río Negro with the Brazo Casiquiare. It gives the natural water which brings from the Orinoco river in Venezuela.

It’s really incredible that The Negro meanders starts from the east-southeastward, through the Branco River and other tributaries, to Manaus and then there it joins the Solimões River and it finally forms the Amazon.

It’s amazingly around 1,400 miles or 2,250 km out of which 850 miles or 1,370 km are in Brazil. It is navigable for around 450 miles or 725 km.


Negro river, Negro river image, Negro river factsNegro river


8–Rio de la Plata River—22,000 m3/s


Do you really know that Rio de la plata can be found in the South America continent.

And  It’s considered as the widest river in the world with the maximum width of around 220 km or 140 meters.


It formed by the confluence of the Uruguay and the Parana rivers, it’s drained into the Atlantic Ocean which forms a funnel shaped indentation on the southeastern coastline of South America.


 Because of its geography, the Rio de la plata is considered as a river, as an estuary, as a gulf or as a marginal sea.



rio de la plata river, rio de la plata river image, rio de la plata river facts,  plata river,  plata river image,rio de la plata river


9–Brahmaputra—19,800 m3/s


Do you know that Brahmaputra river originates in the Angsi glacier of Himalayas and flows from Himalaya through Tibet which is the part of China and then India and Bangladesh to finally drain into the Bay of Bengal at the Ganges Delta.


Then it meets Meghna fastest flowing river which is considered the only main distribution of Ganges River and Padma river of Bangladesh and after this giant meeting when they come together, these all three rivers that’s Brahmaputra, Meghna and Padma form one of the largest and greatest Delta in the world. This Formation of Three rivers are famously and commonly known as the Ganges Brahmaputra Delta.


It’s amazing to know that since the Brahmaputra river has the the greatest hydropower generation potential that it’s really surprisingly the biggest reason of conflict between the two largest nation like India and China over the long period of time.


Apart from the Hydropower potential there is one more interesting and amazing fact about Brahmaputra fastest flowing river is, that of its famously known and marked as the youngest major rivers in the world geographically.


The most fascinating reason about being youngest river in the world is that it’s explored in the mid 1880s.


One of the unknown and unaware fact about the Brahmaputra is that it’s considered and known one of the fifth fastest flowing river in the world in terms of flow rate.


brahmaputra river, brahmaputra river image, brahmaputra river facts


10–Yenisei River—19,600 m3/s


It’s amazingly one of the top ten major rivers in the world and considered around 14 meters depth and drainage basin of 2.5 million square kilometers, covering almost a large portion of Siberia.


Yenisei River, Yenisei River image, Yenisei River factsYenisei River  Siberia



One of the amazing fact about the fastest flowing river is that so many tribals were living at the bank of yenisei river including ket, yugh, assans kotts and Arins, and considered as one of the oldest river.


It originates in Mongolia and Russia, and flows through the city of Krasnoyarsk and includes the Angara, the lower Tunguska and the Tunguska river.

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