Top 10 Most Important Facts About The Southern Ocean

Top 10 Most Important Facts About The Southern Ocean

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Interesting facts about the southern ocean

Do you really know that facts about the Southern Ocean is also known as Antarctic Ocean, it’s the fourth largest ocean in the world after the Indian Ocean.

It’s located at the Southern Hemisphere and south of the sixty degrees of south latitude.

Since southern ocean emerges between the water of the south Atlantic Ocean, the South Pacific ocean and the Indian Ocean in the sixty-degree latitude of south and, facts about the Southern Ocean is surrounded with Antarctica continent. That’s why it’s known Antarctic Ocean.


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Southern Ocean


Here are the Top 10 Most Important Facts About The Southern Ocean


1– History of southern ocean


It’s really amazing to know about the history of facts about the southern ocean or Antarctic that it’s first sighted or explored by Bartolommeo Diaz who is known as the first explorer and he came into contact with the cold water of the southern ocean, he was the first one in 1487 who circumnavigated the cape of good hope in South Africa.


After that, there were so many explorers crossed the ocean and came and landed across the southern ocean, one of them was Ferdinand Magellan who explored the Tierra del Fuego in South America in 1520. Then, Captain James Cook, he searched and explored the land in the Southern Ocean but never able to get to know Antarctica, he came across the Botany Bay of Australia in 1770. He is the first person who crossed the Antarctic circle and reached at the 71 degrees of South latitude in 1773.


After that, the very first time in history, the land of the south of sixty degrees of south latitude was sighted or found in 1819. Then  Antarctica was explored and later completely discovered from several expeditions in 1900. Mr. Ernest Shakelton was the first expeditor who attempted to cross Antarctica’s land but was not able to reach even 90 degrees south latitude. Then in 1911, Roiled Amundsen was the first person to reach the South Pole.


2–Separate ocean 


Do you believe that facts about the southern ocean is unique, Because of being not any borderline with any landmasses to the North, facts about the Southern Ocean is considered as a separate ocean and the reason behind is its different in water properties of the ocean south of the sixty degrees South latitude.


3–Wildlife of The Southern Ocean


facts about The Southern Ocean is considered as the home of the unique and the rarest species in the world. These are naturally incredible in adapting weather and climate changes. Some of them are well known to us but we hardly find nearby us.


Penguins, orcas, whales, seals, colossal squids are some of the most amazing species rarely found on the Southern Ocean.




The terns, gulls, albatrosses, skuas, petrels of the rarest species can be found on the ocean of the Antarctic and its region.

However, it’s really incredible to believe that the facts about the Southern Ocean is also one of the most dangerous oceans for ships. Choppy seas, storms, and iceberg interventions are commonly known amongst them.


4–Natural resources of The Southern Ocean


It’s discovered that facts about the southern ocean seabed are having some of the valuable natural resources in the world, and these are included like massive oil and gas fields, some of the rarest mineral like gold, placer deposits, manganese nodules.


Freshwater resources of the icebergs of the Southern Ocean are amazingly and perfectly considered or believed as the freshwater in the which is alone enough incredibly to feed every person on the Earth for the period of several months.


Freshwater of the southern ocean


5–Climates condition of The Southern Ocean


It’s been experiencing facts about the Southern Ocean’s proximity to the south pole which causes one of the most extreme and the coldest climates or weather conditions with the sea temperatures, which is always coming above the normal temperatures to the freezing point, which is ranging between negative -2 degrees and 10 degrees Celsius.


Exploring AntarcticaExploring Antarctica


6–Living condition


It’s really strange to hear that, facts about the southern ocean is not liable to live or stay there for a long time. The reason behind that’s because it’s considered as one of the coldest continents on earth. But we can find some research center and station over Antarctica land from several countries, those countries researchers and explorers, scientists and their families are living in the Antarctica for short period of time, just to research and work on scientific research projects.


Since the climate is extremely cold over there, so it’s arranged by the researcher team that some around 100 people in a small group can stay there and work in winter.

There are only two research settlements stations and those researchers can only live and work over Antarctica. These are known as Villas-Las Estrella research station and Esperanza Base research station of Argentina.


esearchers working antarctica ocean,



7–Sub-division of the Southern ocean


It’s really amazing to know that as per international hydrographic organization, facts about the Southern ocean is divided with 17 subdivisions. These subdivisions are collections of seas which are having all the geographical features.


They are like the Riser-Larsen Sea, the Belling-Shausen Sea, Bransfield Strait, the McMurdo Sound, the Drake Passage, the Amundsen Sea, the Ross Sea, the Somov Sea, the Mawson Sea, the Dumont D’Urville Sea, the Tryoshnikova Gulf, the Davis Sea, the Cooperation Sea, the Cosmonauts Sea, the Lazarev Sea, and the Weddell Sea.


8–Mostly Depth of  the Southern ocean


Do you know that facts about the Southern ocean’s depth is marked as the distance between 4,000 meters to 4,800 meters which are around 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet deep with some the deepest trenches. 


The South Sandwich Trench is around 7,000 meters or 23,0000 feet and is considered as the deepest point in the southern-ocean.


The average depth of the southern ocean is around 3,200 meters or 10,700 feet.


iceberg, icebergs in the southern oceanicebergs in the southern ocean


9–The Southern Ocean Has Several Ports


There are not so many ports over facts about the southern ocean because of vacating land and ocean or no pollution at all, but however, there are some few ports in the southern ocean.


These ports were specifically established to the research stations, and these areas the Rothera Station, this is a British research base. Palmer Station, the USA research base, Mawson Station, an Australian research base.

Australia’s all southernmost Ports are recognized as the southern ocean ports. Australian Ports are like Adelaide port in South Australia and Macquarie Port on Tasmania.

There is one American Port named McMurdo station, it’s a research base port of America and it’s located at southernmost ports in the Southern Ocean.


10–Many Gigantic Icebergs of the southern ocean


One of the interesting and amazing fact about the southern ocean is that it’s a huge iceberg the South Pole in the southern ocean. Since the southern ocean is obviously known for its extremely freezing temperatures, which is always in below zero temperature or in minus temperature and it leads to form a huge iceberg and this iceberg float on the southern ocean around hundreds of feet in length.


And one of the amazing thing about this iceberg is that it contains the hugest amount of fresh water which is assumed or estimated that it can provide enough freshwater for the people of the world for several months.


It’s obviously because of its huge amount and the large iceberg in nature, it hurdles to sail the ships around the southern ocean as always lead to having collisions with the largest iceberg which causes the shipwreck.


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