15 interesting and amazing facts about the Rings of Fire

Ring of fire

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15 interesting and amazing facts about the Ring of Fire


As we all know that our planet has full of mysterious and natural secrets, and people love to explore and experience the amazing and interesting things of our planet.


Do you know one of the amazing facts about the ring of fire our planet is known as the Ring of Fire.


Ring of Fire is also known as the Rim of Fire. Since it’s located in the Pacific Ocean Basin and Pacific Ocean is considered as one of the origins of the volcanoes and eruption of volcanic fire in the world.


Ring of Fire Map


Ring of Fire map, Pacific Ring of Fire map


1. Amazing facts about the ring of fire It’s assumed that around 75% of volcanoes in the world which is approximately 452 dormant and active volcanoes, can be found in the Pacific Ocean.


volcano eruption, volcano, volcanoes, volcano eruption


2. This Ring of Fire is the major reason of tsunami and earthquakes or prone to earthquakes in the world.

It actually happens when heavy amounts of volcanoes gets erupted in the basin of Pacific Ocean which forms a ring and that ring of volcanoes are called Ring of Fire.


tsunami, tsunami 2004, tsunami in japan, tsunami thailand, 	tsunami japan


3. In 1883, one of the deadliest and heaviest volcano was exploded in Krakatoa in the Pacific Ocean which was marked as the most shocking deaths of more than 37000 people in the world and many more injuries happened.


Ring of fire 1


4. It’s been discovered that around 90% of earthquakes in the world were happened due to Ring of Fire and according to research it’s been proof that around 82% of the deadliest and heaviest or largest earthquake of our planet occur because of Ring of Fire.


earthquake ring of fire, largest earthquake


5. It’s really incredible to know that from last 11,700 years, three of the world’s most largest volcanic eruptions were occurred in the Ring of Fire.


volcanic eruptions, volcano eruption, volcanoes eruption


6. Can you imagine that the Ring of Fire extends over 40,000 km or 25,000 miles horseshoe shape and covers nations like USA, Russia and Chile.

There are some countries like Japan, Indonesia, and New Zealand, are almost completely covered by the Ring of Fire.


7. The Ring of Fire is associated with an oceanic trenches series, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and plate movements.


ocean trench,  Oceanic trench



8. Researchers found that the Ring of Fire is the direct result of the plate tectonics, the movement and collisions of lithospheric plates and subduction is the Northern portion and the western portions are the most complex of the Ring of Fire with the number of smaller tectonic plates in collision with the pacific plates from the Mariana islands, the Philippines, Bougainville, Tonga and New Zealand.


Moreover The Ring of Fire is extended in the region of Pacific Ocean from South America to North America to Eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand too.


9. Do you know that the largest and the most active volcanoes in the world is discovered in the Chile. It’s found in 2008, thousand of habitants and people of the village were evacuated because of the most deadliest eruption of volcanoes in the Ring of Fire.


largest volcano, biggest volcano eruption, volcano eruption


10. It’s really interesting to know that Pacific plate is the largest tectonic plate on the earth where the Ring lies on, and the plate is spread over the area of 103 million squares kilometers.


Pacific Plate, tectonic plates, plate tectonics,


11. It’s amazing to know that the West Mata is marked as the deepest volcanoes in the Ring and it’s of 1100 meters depth, the most of the active volcanoes of the Ring is located here under the deepest water of West Mata.


West Mata, West Mata volcano, West Mata volcanoes


12. You won’t believe that the tallest and the most famous of mountain of Japan, that’s the Mount Fuji is the active volcano in the Ring of Fire.

It’s in 1707 to 1708, when the last time in Japan volcano was erupted and it formed the various art as the symbol of Japan.


mount fuji, mount fuji image, mount fuji japan


13. facts about the ring of fire is One of the most powerful and deadliest earthquake was recorded in the history of Japan at the pacific coast of Tohoku in Japan, it was hit at 9.1 magnitude and caused almost 15000 people deaths and many thousands people injured.


earthquake, earthquake in japan, earthquake japan, earthquake image


14. Even though the Mount Ruapehu of New Zealand too is considered as the most active volcanoes in the Ring with its minor and major eruption over the period of every 50 years, but it’s two commercial ski which the most fascinating and interesting to experience and explore and because of this reason, it’s became the most attractive tourist spot in New Zealand.



Mount Ruapehu


15. It’s really interesting to know that Japan has build so much technology and used so many techniques to tackle the most dangerous and deadliest earthquakes like earthquakes proof building, homes, and technologies to measure or predict earthquakes but these techniques and technologies are no use at the time of calamity.

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