Top 10 Unbelievable and Amazing facts the About Pacific Ocean

Top 10 Most unbelievable and Amazing facts about the Pacific Ocean

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Most unbelievable and Amazing facts about the Pacific Ocean


The Pacific Ocean facts

facts about the pacific ocean is considered As one of the largest ocean in the world, and it is bounded or surrounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Southern Ocean to the south, it’s too bounded with Australia, and Asia to the west and the Americas to the east.


Pacific Ocean Map


pacific ocean map


facts about the pacific ocean. It’s really interesting to know that It’s discovered in the 16th century by Vasco De Balboa. The Depth of the Pacific Ocean is 14,000 feet or 4,280 meters.


Let’s have some of the top 10 most unbelievable and unimaginable facts about the Pacific Ocean.


1–One-Third (46%) of Earth.


It’s amazing the pacific ocean facts to have that one-third part of the total surface area of our planet is surrounded or covered by the Pacific Ocean, and the spread spanning Pacific Ocean area of the earth is 165.25 million square km and it covers almost 46% of total ocean of the earth.


2–Mariana Trench


The Mariana Trench 35,760 feet, or 10,911 meters is one of the deepest or lowest point in the world and it’s located in the western North Pacific Ocean.


Mariana Trench, Mariana Trench in pacific oceanMariana Trench in pacific ocean


3–Not explored yet


It’s really unbelievable pacific ocean facts that the biggest part of the Pacific Ocean is not explored yet because of it’s the hugest, the greatest and the deepest depths.


However, the Pacific Ocean is gotta explored and discovered many unimaginable and unbelievable of the aquatic life things continuously and the petroleum and natural gases were discovered in the coastal area of Australia and New Zealand.


4–Pearl Extraction


Pearl extraction is also commonly found in the Pacific Ocean.

The large varieties of fishes like tuna, salmon, swordfish, herring, snapper can be seen in the Pacific.


swordfish, swordfish imageSwordfish


It’s really strange to know that our oceans especially, the Pacific Ocean and its marine life are not safe and secure because of global warming and the heavy amount of industrial wastes and chemicals, fertilizer and pesticide wash-off from agricultural fields, sewage, and many more wastage have been drained continuously into the ocean.


Because of Excess of oxygen depleting pollutants triggers hypoxia and creates the dead zones of land and water life in the ocean.



5– Ring of fire


facts about the Pacific Ocean is the home of the 75% of volcanoes in the world.

Can you believe that Pacific Ocean facts which is one of the largest and the deepest ocean of our planet is having the fire in its depth. It’s really incredible to have such a ring of fire in pacific marine life.


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Actually due to a heavy and huge amount of volcanoes and its activity or eruption around the Pacific Ocean basin forms a volcanic ring and that ring are known as the ring of fire.

This volcanic or ring of the fire area is sometimes caused by the tsunami and also prone to earthquakes.


Lava flow, Lava flow on Big Island Hawaii, Lava flow in pacific oceanLava flow on Big Island Hawaii



One of the most shocking volcanic eruptions facts about the Pacific Ocean is that, in 1883, a volcano was exploded in Krakatoa which resulted from death of more than 37000 people and many more injured.

This volcanic or ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean basin have been marked around 75% of volcanoes of the world.


volcanoes, The Volcanic Eruption of KrakatoaThe Volcanic Eruption of Krakatoa


6– Home of the Fish


It’s absolutely amazing and interesting to know pacific ocean facts that around 60% of world’s Fish comes from pacific.

It’s been observed that almost from last more than 15 years, fish has directly come to the world more than other ocean or continents in the world.


7– Dangerous Species


Do you believe that facts about the Pacific Ocean is the home of the most endangered animals in the world.

And these are so many species which are incredibly, rarely and amazingly showcasing the beauty of Pacific.

The very first one is whales. As we know that whale is the most dangerous animal rarely found anywhere else in the world except the Pacific Ocean and some other oceans.


whale,Endangered Whale in Pacific OceanEndangered Whale in Pacific Ocean


But we can’t ignore some of the other endangered species of the world Such as seals, turtles, sea otters, and sea lions. One more amazing, the least well-known creature is known as the dugong, also famous as a marine mammal.


8–  Yeti Crab


One of the most interesting creatures in the Pacific Ocean facts is marked as Yeti Crab.

Do you know that Yeti Crab is the most peculiar crustacean in its shape. It was discovered first near to the Antarctic Ocean Ridge in 2005.

It’s believed that the Yeti Crab can’t see and its hair acts as the sensor that it can aware the things around. The Crab eats mostly Shellfish, shrimps, and mussels.


yeti cabyeti crab

9– Natural Resources


facts about the pacific ocean. It’s well known that the nations get more benefit than others, because of their boundaries to the oceans, its natural beauty, and resources.

Some of the most valuable and amazing natural resources can be found or benefited to the neighboring nations of the Pacific Ocean and these natural resources are oil and gas.

It’s sand too which helps to construct buildings industries and other things.

Since its water touches the bounties of the nation, they produce energies and supply to other countries. Fishing is one of the most common things in the world.


10– Fauna & Flora


Do you really know that the Pacific Ocean is home of the most diverse plant’s life in the world. It’s believed that plant life can be found within the sea which is the most diverse.

There are so many plants like Kelp, phytoplankton, and algae.

Kelp is amazingly beneficial for marine life. Kelp lives in the colder climates of the sea, in either in beds or forests. The difference between these is that forests have something called a surface canopy on them, whereas beds do not.

Coral reefs are another type of plants which helps to prevalence in the ocean and to protect many species and aquatic animals life in pacific. This also helps to regulate the food chain of the Pacific Ocean’s species.

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