top 10 Unbelievable and Amazing facts About The Indian Ocean

top 10 Unbelievable and Amazing facts About The Indian Ocean

facts about the indian ocean

Amazing Facts About The Indian Ocean


The Indian Ocean is considered as the third largest ocean of the earth after the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Indian Ocean in size is around 5.5 times the size of the USA.

And it is considered as the youngest ocean of the world’s major oceans.

facts about the Indian Ocean is covered around 14% of the surface area of earth and it’s about 20% of the water on the surface of earth.

facts about The Indian Ocean covers amazingly the area of almost  70,560,000 square kilometers 27,240,000 square miles of the earth.


Indian Ocean Map


indian ocean map


Let’s have some of the top 10 most unbelievable and Amazing facts about the indian ocean


1–History of Indian Ocean


The Indian Ocean is commonly known because of the India. It’s named after India which is the part of Asian country.

It’s known as Ratnakara  which means, the mine of gems, in ancient Sanskrit literature, and as Hind Mahasagar  too in Hindi, which means the great Indian sea.


Hind MahasagarHind Mahasagar


The first person who had crossed the Indian Ocean, was Eudoxus of Cyzicus , he was from Greek, and he crossed the Indian Ocean in the 2nd or 1st century BCE.


One of the amazing facts about the Indian Ocean is that Vasco De Gama from Portuguese was the first European who had rounded up from cape of good hope to India and became the first European to sail and reach to India. It’s 1497 when he discovered the India through Indian Ocean route.


2–The Greatest Depth


The deepest point of Indian Ocean is Diamantina Deep in Diamantina Trench, at 8,047 meters or 26,401 feet deep and also sometimes considered is Sundae Trench, at a depth of 7,725 meters, or 25,344 feet.


Java Trench is too considered as the lowest point depth of Indian Ocean after Sundae trench and Diamantina tench.

It’s around 7,258 meters or 23,812 feet deep.

By the way the average depth of Indian Ocean is around 3,890 members or 12,762 feet.


top 10 Unbelievable and Amazing facts About The Indian Ocean 1


3– The Greatest Width


The greatest width of the Indian Ocean is considered as the distance between western part of Australia to the eastern part of the Africa continent. It’s marked total distance of approximately 1,000 km or 620 miles.


4–Tectonic Plate Boundaries


One of the incredible and the strangest facts about Indian Ocean is that it has so many tectonic plate boundaries around its coastal marine. It includes the Rodrigues Triple point between African continental plates along with, indo-Australia and Antarctic continental plates get merged.


Tectonic Plate, Tectonic Plate Boundaries
Tectonic Plate map


5– Submerge continents


One amazing and interesting facts about the Indian Ocean is with its submerged continent, which is named as the Kerguelen Plateau and this Plateau is considered as the origin of volcanoes or volcanic


6–The Greatest diversity


This ocean is known as the warmest ocean in the world, because of its warm tropical weather and water on the ocean, which leads to be the greatest diversity of the marine life around the Indian ocean.


The Indian ocean region has the multiple types of climates during the monsoon season.

The Monsoon is commonly known for the seasonal changes in the climates, which results of changing in the prevailing and the strongest winds of the region. It really causes wet and dry.


These fascinating and interesting monsoon are always associated with Indian Ocean.

Summer season of Indian Ocean is the best known as the Cyclones in the Indian Ocean.



warmest ocean


7–The Warmest Ocean


Even though, Indian Ocean has several monsoon and has the greatest diversity in its climate  but still Indian Ocean is marked as the warmest ocean in the world.

While it’s considered as the warmest but still there are some place of the Indian Ocean which is really, rarely and extremely cold.


8– The Fastest flowing rivers


The ocean receives 6,000 kilometers of river run off from some of fastest flowing rivers in the world and these are known as the Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus and Zambezi rivers.

Ganges and Brahmaputra- two of the largest rivers. Due to the closeness to equator, the evaporation rate here remains considerably high.


ganga riversganga river in india


9-The Biggest major ports


Do know that there are some major cities on the Indian Ocean which have the biggest major port and these are included as Singapore, Mumbai in India, Aden in Yemen, Durban in South Africa, Muscat in Oman, Jakarta in Indonesia and Perth in Western Australia.


top 10 Unbelievable and Amazing facts About The Indian Ocean 2port of jakarta


10– Several continents boundaries


It’s really amazing and interesting to know that facts about the Indian Ocean is the best known for its the greatest diversity around the ocean and one of the best thing about Indian Ocean is that it’s surrounded by so many continents and subcontinent like side with Indian subcontinent towards the north of Indian Ocean, it’s side with Africa to western side of ocean, with the group of islands famously known as the Sundae islands and with Australia lands towards east of Indian Ocean and Antarctica towards south of the Indian Ocean.

It’s really amazing that facts about the Indian Ocean is directly connected with 57 islands group, 16 African countries and 18 Asian countries.

It’s also incredible facts about about the indian ocean that there are so many big and small ports and cities site around the Indian Ocean.


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