Top 10 Interesting and Amazing facts about the Atlantic Ocean

top 10 interesting and amazing facts about the Atlantic Ocean

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Top 10 Interesting and Amazing facts about the Atlantic Ocean


Atlantic ocean facts–The Atlantic Ocean is marked as the second largest ocean in the world with the area of 106,00,000 square km and it covers almost 25% of the Earth’s surface area.

The size of the Atlantic Ocean facts is considered as 6.5 times of the size of the USA. It has the volume of 310,410,900 cubic kilometers that’s 74,471,500 cubic miles.


Atlantic Ocean Map


atlantic ocean map, atlantic ocean


Some of the unimaginable, incredible and unbelievable facts about the Atlantic Ocean.


1–Atlantic Ocean Boundaries


Do you believe that there are four continents with 52 different countries or nations that are boundaries or shorelines along with Atlantic Ocean facts.  

Do you know that these continents of the earth which is too surrounded by Atlantic ocean are Africa, Europe, North and South America.


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2–facts about the atlantic ocean—Titanic Ship


Can you believe that the atlantic ocean facts is Titanic ship was sank in Atlantic Ocean in 1912, because the ship was hit with an iceberg on her maiden voyage to America.


Titanic ShipTitanic Ship


3–Atlantic Ocean Depth & width


Isn’t it amazing that atlantic ocean facts is no body exactly know the exact size of the Atlantic Ocean, but still the greatest and deepest depth of the Atlantic is marked of 8,605 meters or 28,232 feet.

The widest width of the greatest ocean is considered as the distance between Brazil and Sierra Leone and that’s 2848 km or 1770 miles.


4–Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)


It’s really true that Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) is the greatest underwater mountain range in the world. It runs from northeast of Greenland to southwest of the cape of god hope in Africa.


Mid Atlantic Ridge, marMid-Atlantic Ridge


5–Bermuda Triangle


Atlantic Ocean facts has so many unbelievable and unimaginable amazing things and one of them is called the Bermuda Triangle,

It is a triangular area on the Atlantic Ocean, which is held responsible for some of the mysterious incident happened over period of time. It’s said that there is some magnetic reaction which causes of disappearance of ships, shipwrecks, and airplanes crashes. The top of the triangle are Bermuda, Miami, Florida and San Juan, and Puerto Rico.



bermuda triangle, bermuda triangle mysteriesBermuda Triangle mystery place



6–Rock of Gibraltar


Atlantic Ocean has a waterways between Spain, Morocco and Bosporus of Turkey. These are well known as the Rock or straits of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar are the most fascinating and interesting facts about the Atlantic Ocean.


Rock of Gibraltar, the Rock of Gibraltar, Rock of Gibraltar imagethe Rock of Gibraltar



7–Atlantic Ocean Islands


It’s really amazing to know that facts about the atlantic ocean there are so many islands in the Atlantic Oceans, out of these, the Greenland island is not only the largest island in Atlantic Ocean but also in the world with 2,166,086 square kilometers.

The others are the Bahamas, the Canary Islands in Spain, the Azores of Portugal, and the Cap Verde Islands.


Canary Islands, Canary Islands image, Canary Islands in spain, Canary Islands spainCanary Islands spain


8–Atlantic ocean Biggest cities


There are Some of the biggest cities on the Atlantic Ocean. Which is Miami in USA, Sao Paolo of Brazil, Cape Town of the South Africa, Lagos in Nigeria, Casablanca in Morocco, Lisbon of Portugal, London in UK, Reykjavik of Iceland, Beach hut in Cape Town South Africa.


Miami, Miami city, Miami city in usaMiami city


9–Natural resources & Wildlife


Atlantic Ocean facts is rich in Natural Resources and some of the important and valuable resources are Petroleum, oil and gas. These are considered as the significant resources in Atlantic Ocean. facts about the Atlantic Ocean has contributed huge amount of economy to the other nations.


Sand is the another natural resources found valuable thing for construction of buildings and industries in Atlantic Ocean.


Some of the precious stones, placer deposits, and polymathic nodules can also be found rarely and incredibly in Atlantic Ocean facts which is really contributing to the economy of many nations.


precious stones, precious stones imageprecious stones


Fishing is the another economy activity which is really impressive and attractive resources in the Atlantic.


Fishing is considered as one of the richest resources in Atlantic with some of the rare haddock, cod, mackerel, herring being fish species and these are some of the commercial valuable fish species in the Atlantic Ocean.


Apart from these species there are some of the wildest, rarest and threatened marine species can be seen easily and these are Sea turtles, Whales, Dolphins, Manatees, Seals, Sea lions on the Atlantic Ocean.


Sea turtlesSea turtles

Interesting facts about the Atlantic ocean

10–Major Ports

It’s really important to know that Atlantic has some of the big seaport which helps to trade across the sea and these are considered as the major ports of the world.

Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands is the biggest container port in Europe.

Apart from this Atlantic has Hamburg port in Germany, New York port of USA, Buenos Aires port of Argentina,


Hamburg port, Hamburg port in Germany,Hamburg port in Germany


And last but not the least, Colon port in Panama is the largest port on the Atlantic Ocean in Latin America with approximately 3 million containers per year.

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