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facts About Europe Continents

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Happy to know! facts about Europe Continent 


Europe continent is a located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere.

It is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Asia to the east, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia.


Do you know the Europe continent is 50 countries with more than 742 million people living in the European continent, out of 50 countries there are 44 countries which have their capital city in Europe.


English is spoken as the first and second language in Europe, more than 270 million people are speaking English in Europe. The five most spoken languages in Europe are Russian, English, German, French and Italian.


Around 76% of people of Europe are Christians and a very small population of people around 6% are Muslims and Jews and other belief religious. About 18% of European areas atheist and don’t belong to any religious


europe map, europe political mapEurope Map


European countries are hard and difficult to count because of its complicated border like Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia have a land area in both the European and Asian continent, mostly on the Asian continent. And Cyprus and Armenia often count towards Europe even though they’re closer to Asia geographically.


Then there are non-sovereign territories that could be counted as a country like Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Faroe Islands, Åland, and Svalbard.


50 countries are the most commonly used answer number though with additional 5 territories that have yet to be fully recognized.


But above all, the most fascinating and interesting facts about Europe continent is that it’s the home of the most developed and richest countries in the world like Norway, Austria, and Iceland. These are some of the highest GDP per capita in the world, and the reason is that these countries are considered as the biggest economic and political union in the world.


World’s most varied continents in terms of culture, history, and geographical diversity.


It’s really interesting and amazing facts about europe continent to know that Five out of the top ten tourist destinations in the world can be undoubtedly found in Europe.


France is the number 1 tourist destination in the world with about 90 million international tourist arrivals per year.


Europe is the World’s second-smallest continent – 10,180,000 km² covering approximately 6.7% of the Earth’s land and 2% of the Earth’s surface.


Some of the most amazing things about the European continent are that:-


Firstly Deciduous forest, it’s Four distinct seasons with warm summers and cold, wet winters. The trees shed their leaves in autumn amazingly and alluringly.


Second interesting thing about europe continent is that Coniferous forest, it’s also known as Taiga, cold and dry with snowy winters and warmer summers.


The third is an amazing facts about Europe continent is the Mediterranean, it’s Warm to high temperatures with rainfall in the autumn and winter months.


The fourth one is Grassland, It’s Hot summers and cold winters with above-average rainfall.


The fifth is Tundra, This area is characterized by a layer of permafrost,  a soil that has remained below freezing for at least two years. Winters are very cold, summers are warm and there is little rainfall.


There are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe continent than any other continent in the world.


Amazing Facts about Europe Continent


First—: Norway Svalbard & Malta


Norway is known for Svalbard and Norway represents as one of the world’s most remote regions and one of the most Northernmost inhabited landmasses on earth


This archipelago lies close to the arctic circle and the majority is covered by glaciers.


Svalbard is famously known for its wildlife such as polar bears and reindeer and was originally used as a whaling base in the 17-18th centuries.


Thai shallow bay is a popular tourist attraction and great for both snorkeling and scuba diving because of crystal clear water.


Malta is one of the most attractive and the best tourist spot located in the European continent. Malta is known for many amazing and interesting things but, Blue Lagoon in Malta’s Camino island is one of the most incredible azure waters in Europe out of all amazing place in the world.


Blue Lagoon, Blue Lagoon in Malta’s Camino islandBlue Lagoon in Malta’s


Second—: Largest, Biggest


The three largest countries are Russia, Ukraine, and France, but Russia covers more area in Europe than any other country and considered as the largest country in the world.


Moscow is the largest city in the European continent and It’s considered the Russian capital city.


Moscow city, Russia Moscow cityMoscow-city


The largest port of Europe continent is the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and considered busiest container port in Europe.


The Greenland island is marked as the Biggest island in Europe continent and considered the largest island in the world.


The Biggest Lake in Europe is the Lake Ladoga which is located near Saint Petersburg in Russia and it’s amazingly one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes. The lake is slightly smaller than Lake Ontario, which borders the USA and Canada.


Lake Ladoga russiaLake Ladoga


Third—: Longest, Highest, and Smallest


The Longest river of Europe continent is The Volga River in Russia. The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe.



volga river, volga Longest River In EuropeVolga River


Longest Coastline in Europe is Norway, it has the longest coastline in Europe with over 100,000km/62,000 miles. And it is considered as the second-longest coastline in the world.



norway Coastline Norway Coastline


It’s incredible to know that Mount Elbrus in Russia is the highest mountain in Europe continent. The mountain is part of the Caucasus mountain range, and the highest peak in the European Alps is Mont Blanc.



mount elbrusmount elbrus


Vatican City is the smallest country not only in the Europe continent but also in the world. And Hum in Croatia is the smallest town not only in Europe continent but in the world. The town has only 21 inhabitants.



Vatican City-italysan-pietro-Vatican City


Fourth—: Natural Resources and Wildlife


Do you really know that the European continent is the richest in the natural resources some of the most amazing and incredible Natural resources of the European continent are Metals which includes zinc and silver.


Minerals such as copper, iron ore and coal are the most powerful and natural resources, found in the European continent.


The largest plain waterfall in Europe is Rhine Falls in Switzerland. They are 150m/492ft. wide and 23m/75ft. high.



Rhine Falls, Rhine Falls in SwitzerlandRhine Falls


The natural gas and oil are too marked as the important resources of Europe continent these are found northern part of the continent.


Lakes mountains valleys and deltas and it’s a wild and peaceful with reach vegetation expansive views and wildlife such as moose eagles and bears.


Amazing to hear that Around 40% of the European land area is used to do farming. The most common crops are being grown as wheat, maize and barley as well as sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables and fruits, and wine. France is Europe’s biggest producer of agricultural products.


wheat, potatoes, olives, grapes, oranges are some of the common and good agricultural products used in the home of the European people and found in the European markets.


One of the best and the most interesting beauty of The European countries are known for its Wildlife. There more than 250 Animals are found such as boar, bat, deer, hare, and otter.


Amazingly impressive after knowing that Around 800 European bird species are making European continent the most beautiful place on the earth. These birds often migrate from other colder regions to warmer regions during cold winters season.


There are some the most dangerous animals found in Europe such as wolf, bear, and the lynx too.


Parks are always the best things to explore amazing and interesting wildlife on the earth and Sarek National Park in Sweden is the best known for European Wildlife and is located in Northernmost Lapland region and is one of the oldest National Park in Europe.



Sarek National Park, Sarek National Park in Sweden Sarek National Park in Sweden


Fifth—: Italy


Italy is known for many incredible things but can’t be skipped by not letting you people know about Capri’s Blue Grotto.


Capri’s Blue Grotto is one of Italy’s main draws for the incredibly and amazingly vibrant blue hue visible within the cave. The peculiar effect is caused by sunlight passing through a deep underwater cavity and shining back up through the water. Visitors can enter the Blue grotto by small boats because of the sea cave a meter high.


blue grotto, blue grotto capri’sblue grotto capri’s


Sixth—: Iceland & Caves


Do you know one of the best and the most satisfying feeling about Iceland is to be in the Ice cave and this cave is chocked full of natural wonders from glaciers and waterfalls to hot springs and volcanoes, but it’s luminous ice caves are sure to take your breath away and the bright blue spaces will shock your senses and you’ll be dazzled by nature’s artistry.


glacier-Ice caveIce cave


It’s amazing to be in the Caves of Aggtelek Karst which are located between Hungry and Slovakia and containing 712 Caves spread out over 55,800 hectares.


These caves are made of limestone and having high humidity every time, so dripping water formed into stalactites and stalagmites over millions of centuries



Domica_Cave, Domica_Cave_ of aggtelek karstDomica Caves of Aggtelek Karst


Seventh—: Paris


If we are talking about the world’s best architecture, we just can’t miss one of the oldest towers in the world, which is the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel tower was constructed in 2 years 2 months 5 days by Gustave Eiffel, and the First radio transmissions were followed by telecommunications.



Eiffel tower, Eiffel tower parisEiffel tower 


I know these are not only the things which make the world of European continent most visited tourist sites in the world.

We have many more exciting and interesting things to explore the Europe continent, so I would really be enjoying and loving to share all the incredible things in my another blog.



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