FaceApp the Viral Photo Editing App, You Should Still be Careful...

FaceApp the Viral Photo Editing App, you should still be careful…


Viral App FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 160 Million People’s Faces And Names.


FaceApp “AI-based photo editor. This app has created a storm on the Internet. By the way, you might be surprised to know that the Russian company developed by Wireless Lab, this app is actually two years old. But recently this app is better with the old edge filter. Was updated, since then, it is becoming increasingly viral. 


These days, an app is becoming quite wired in social media through which you can make a picture of your old age. Users are posting photos of their old age, which means they will see their photos in the future. With this app you can definitely see a glimpse of your old age. Actually this app called Face App is suddenly getting viral on social media.


Let’s say that this app was launched in 2017 which is very much discussed. From cricketers to celebrities, they are also sharing photos with the filter of old age, in which they are visible old. At the same time, the point of note is that it also threatens users’ privacy. These apps use the neural network to show an old man, who is a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Not just ordinary people, but photos from celebrities to cricketers are being posted and posted on social media.


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How does this app work


These apps use the neural network to edit photo, which is a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI). People are posting on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Even cricketers, celebrities are sharing photos using this app


A photo of all the cricketers of the Indian team is getting viral, with the help of the Face app they have been made old. The list includes Dhoni, Kohli, Chahal, Rohit Sharma and other players.


faceapp-old-age-indian team, faceApp virat kohli picture, faceApp ms dhoni picture,  faceApp rohit sharma picture


These photos are now becoming viral everywhere where people are sharing it and making it a point of reference, while many people are telling it to the 2050s Indian team.



Payment must be done for pro version


FaceAp is available on both iOS and Android. Although it is not free. This app receives three days trial on iOS, after which users will have to pay to use the app. Subscription to this app in India is Rs 1,699 for one year.


Users will get various types of filters and features on this app. Users have to buy a version of listening for the rest of the filters. One month subscription for Android app is Rs 299 and users will have to pay Rs 1,599 for a year.

More than 10 million downloads

This app has been downloaded more than 160 million times so far. A photo of all the cricketers of the Indian team is getting viral, with the help of FaceApp, they have made them old.


FaceApp: Have you ever thought how you will feel after 30 or 40 years from today. But it is easy to know. You must have noticed on social media that people are posting photos of their old age. Actually, this is awesome, fast becoming popular with FaceApp.


People raising questions on Twitter


According to the news of Indian Express, the company has also raised this issue before TechCrunch. Russia-based FaceAppe has said that she only does photo processing in the cloud for better performance, but she does not transfer other pictures from the phone to the cloud. Many users on Twitter have questioned the app’s terms and conditions. An important issue in this is that if you are using the app, then you are licensing him (FASAP) that he can use your edited photo anywhere, even for the commercial work. .


A woman named Elizabeth Potts Weinstein on Twitter wrote in a post that, if you use #FaceApp, then you should give this app your Face, your name, username and what you liked Let us license them.




The woman also shared the FaceApp policy page. By replying to this post, many people have questioned about privacy. IOS users are also telling their concerns about privacy. A user has tweeted that he had set the ‘Never’ setting in the Photos section ‘Allow FaceApp to Access’ in his settings.


Despite this, using FaceApp, accessing his Photo Library, the photo was showing in the app.


You will not be able to do anything


Words such as Perpetual, Irvocable, Royality Free and Worldwide have been used in terms and conditions. This means that if you use this app to edit your photo once, then the company can use this photo anywhere for its promotion in the world. There is an article on PhoneArena, which states that the app can also use your edited photos on billboards in Moscow and you can not do anything about it, because the terms and conditions of the app are just like that.


Why is the photo being stored in the cloud


There is also one thing in the statement of FaceApe that even if we store your photos in the cloud. But the main reason for doing this is only performance and traffic. We try to ensure that the user does not upload his edit photo again and again. Most photos are deleted from the cloud within 48 hours of upload date. But in the company’s privacy policy, there is no mention of deleting photos from the cloud server in 48 hours.

FaceApp now blocking users from India

faceApp, the photo editing app with age filters that have made the app viral virtually overnight, seems to be now blocking users from India. The app is still available for to download for Android and iOS respectively from Google Play and Apple’s App Store, but trying to use FaceApp from India now leads to error.

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