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101 Interesting and Amazing facts You Never knew

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101 Amazing facts You Never knew


1–Amazing facts do you know that Greta Thunberg has been announced as the “Person of the year” of 2019 by time magazine.


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2– Interesting facts to know that the entire world’s population could fit inside Los Angeles.


3– Amazing facts Did you know about The Death Valley National Park. It is not only the lowest, there are many more but it’s considered the lowest and also the driest national park in the USA.


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4– Interesting facts you never knew that South Korea is the World’s first country to launch 5G network in the world.


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5–Amazing facts to know that a person of 60 Kg weight Barely will weigh 10 Kg on the moon, but 1680 Kg on the sun.


6– Amazing facts Did you know that SANA MARIN has become the youngest Prime Minister of Finland in the world, ahead of the 35-year-old Ukrainian Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.


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7– Do you know that North Korea and Cuba are the only places you can’t buy Coca-Cola.


8– Did you Know? Once Every Year, the Sun Hits Yosemite’s waterfall just Right to make it light up in a golden flame.


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9–Interesting facts to know that the hottest chili pepper in the world is so hot it could kill you. It’s known as Dragon’s breath chili peppers


10–Do you know about Antarctica Freshwater Ice. The Antarctica continent is only as of the source of getting about 90% of freshwater ice on the planet and around 70% of the total freshwater on the earth.


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11–Do you know that more people visit France than any other country.


12– Amazing facts you never knew about Israel is the only country in the world to draft, women into military service


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13– Amazing facts Did you know? The iPhone, the harry potter books and the Rubik cube are the top 3 most sold products in human history.


14– Did you know? Until 1986, India was the only official place where diamonds were found.


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15– Interesting facts to know that people who are currently alive represent about 7 percent of the total number of people who have ever lived.


16– Interesting facts you never know that Hamza Bendelladj has hacked 217 Banks and more 4000 Million USD and he donated everything to Africa and Palestine. He was executed with a smile.


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17– Amazing facts to know that the world’s most densely populated island is the size of two soccer fields. It’s known as Santa Cruz Island. Santa Cruz del Isolate in the Archipelago of San Bernardo off the coast of Colombia.


18–Do you know that Lake Superior is considered as the largest freshwater lake in the world by area. It is located on the border between the United States and Canada in North America.


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19–Did you know that the Canary Islands are named after dogs, not birds.


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20–Interesting facts to know that Indonesia is home to some of the shortest people in the world.


21–Did you know that the Ross Ice Shelf is the largest Ice shelves which are floating tongues of ice and it’s measured around 197,000 square miles around 510,680 square kilometers.


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22–Amazing facts to know that Recently India is ranked at 108th in FIFA.


23–Did you know that the Paris Agreement on climate change was signed by the largest number of countries ever in one day.


24–Amazing facts to know that the world’s quietest room is located at Microsoft’s headquarters in Washington state.


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25– Interesting facts you never know that there are only three countries in the world that don’t use the metric system. These are Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States.


26– Amazing facts Did you know that a Japanese passport is the world’s most powerful passport. It grants visa-free access to 190 countries out of 195 Countries.


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27–Amazing facts to know that the longest place name on the planet is 85 letters long. It’s Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu longest place name in New Zealand


28– Did you know? Hidden beach in Mexico caused by a bomb in world war 1.


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29–Did you know that Japan is the world’s most earthquake-prone country.


30–Amazing to know that four babies are born every second.


31–Did you know that Nearly two people die each second.


32– Did you know? This is the largest library in the world. It just opened in China and has 1.2 million books.


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33–Do you know that the coldest temperature ever recorded was -144 degrees Fahrenheit in Antarctica during a span of research between 2004 and 2016.


34–Interesting facts to know that the Earth’s ozone layer will make a full recovery in 50 years.


35–It’s really incredible and unbelievable to know that the Amazon River is one of the sources of freshwater rivers in the world. it extends to the 2,09,000 m3/s.


36– Do you know that it took 4 years to design the iconic OREO design


37–It’s really amazing facts to know that the Atacama Desert is considered as the driest place on Earth, and some parts of it have never received any rain for more than four decades years, It’s incredibly dry.


38–Did you know that there are around 4 quadrillion quadrillions bacteria on Earth.


39– Do you know that the Dry Valleys in Antarctica are the driest places on earth.


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40–Amazing facts to know that Muhammad is thought to be the most popular name in the world.


41–Do you know that only two countries use purple in their national flags.The flag of Nicaragua and the flag of Dominica.


42– Did you know? This is not a scene from a movie, and not photoshopped. This is the JATAYU National park in Kerala, India. Just Amazing


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43–Do you know that It’s estimated that Sweden has more islands than any other country.


44–Interesting facts to know that the most expensive coin in the world was sold for more than $7 million.


45–Amazing to know that more than 52 percent of the world’s population is under 30 years old.


46–. Did you know the world’s longest & largest 3d street art created by 3d joe and max in London.


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47–Amazing facts to know that a record-breaking 92 countries competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics.


48– It’s amazingly and Nearly half of the world’s population watched both the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup games.



49– Did you know? When the phone battery is low to the last bar, don’t answer the call because the radiation is 1000 times stronger.


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50–Do you know that there are 43 countries that still have a royal family.


51–Amazing facts to know that California is home to the “Artichoke Capital of the World.”


52–Do you know that South Sudan is the youngest country in the world.


53– Did you know? A single human being’s DNA contains as much Information As fifty novels.


54– Do you know the three points of the Mercedes logo represents land, water & air. As the company was seeking to prosper in all three fronts.


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55– Do you know Lamborghini don’t advertise because they know people who can afford it are not sitting in front of the television.


56– Do you know Law in Russia allows women to kill the rapist in self-defense.


57–Interesting facts to know that All the ants on Earth weigh about as much as all the humans.


58–Do you know that Canada has nine percent of the world’s forests.


59– Do you know Microsoft offered yahoo $44.6 billion for their entire company in 2008, but yahoo believed that wasn’t enough money. In 2016 yahoo ended up selling to Verizon for $4.83 billion.


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60–Amazing facts to know that More people speak Mandarin Chinese than any other language.


61–Did you know that There’s a website that tracks the world’s population in real-time.


62–Do you know that Around one in every 200 men is direct descendants of Genghis Khan.


63–Interesting facts to know that Copenhagen is the most bike-friendly city in the world.


64–Amazing facts to know that New Zealanders have more pets per household than any other country.


65– Do you know jellyfish have existed for over 650 million years. They have no brain, no heart, and no blood.


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66–It’s Incredible that There are only two countries with names that begin with “The,” and countries that begin with the are The Gambia and The Bahamas formally include “the” in their nation’s names.


67–Do you know that the global adult literacy rate is around 86 percent.


68–Amazing facts to know that Tokyo is the world’s largest city with 37 million inhabitants.


69– Do you know that A golden tiger. It is estimated that there are only


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70–Did you know that Interpol began in 1914 when legal professionals from 24 countries got together to discuss catching fugitives.


71–Amazing facts to know that Facebook has more users than the population of the U.S., China, and Brazil combined.


72–Do you know about Niagara Waterfalls. One of the amazing facts about the earth is that there are so many natural waterfalls that make you fall in love with nature and The Niagara Falls are the highest waterfalls on the earth.


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73. Amazing facts to know that there are more twins now than ever before.


74. Do you know A fisherman found a giant 34kg PEARL, Worth $100 Million And kept under his bed for 10 years as good luck



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75. Did You Know? The chess player Garry Kasparov was the first player to win chess Game against a supercomputer


76. Did you know about Mount Everest. It is incredible of 8,848 meters and as we obviously know that Everest is considered amazingly number one mountain in the world. It’s famously considered as the tallest mountain in the World by its altitude.


77. Did you know? If a human eye was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels.


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78. Did you know that The oceans contain almost 200,000 different kinds of viruses.


79. Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef coral system in the world and is considered as the biggest scope of Australia and it can be incredibly seen and appreciated from the Air. It’s extended over 2600 km.


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80. Do you know Thailand supermarket uses the innovative banana leaves to package food instead of plastic to avoid unnecessary plastic waste.


81. Did you know that one of the amazing facts about Lake Ladoga is that it’s slightly smaller than Lake Ontario, which borders the USA and Canada.


82. Did you know? Many Americans can buy a gun in less than an hour while in other countries, the process takes a month.


83. Do you know about Vostok lake. It was discovered by Russian scientists and also known to be the largest subglacial lake in Antarctica and the third largest lake by volume on earth.


84. Did you know? The albatross is a large bird that can go years without landing. They spend their first 6 years of life flying Us The ocean without even touching the ground.


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85. Amazing to know that According to a study developed for National Geographic in 2011, the world’s “most typical” person is right-handed, makes less than $12,000 per year, has a mobile phone, and doesn’t have a bank account.


86. Did you know? The first computer virus ever created was a creeper, back in 1971.


87. Do you know that there are 41 countries that recognize sign language as an official language.


88. Did you know? If you eat a polar bear’s liver, you will die. The human can’t handle that much of vitamin A.


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89. Did you know that Africa and Asia are home to nearly 90 percent of the world’s rural population.


90. Did you know Almost 14% of google Employees have never attended Collage.


91. Did you know? Xiaoli, A woman in China has 20 boyfriends, each of them gifted an iPhone 7 plus. She sold them and bought a new house.


92. Interesting facts to know that the red-billed quelea is the most common bird on Earth.


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93. Did you know that there are more than 24 time zones around the world.


94. Do you know that about Ross island, the World’s Southmost active volcano on Ross Island, Antarctica. The volcano started forming about 1.3 million years ago. Snow, rocks, and glacier cover the sides of the mountain. There are so many ice caves contenting thousands of microscopic organisms.


95. It is really good to know about the South Pole that it has the hugest and largest Gigantic iceberg in the South Pole of southern-ocean.


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96. Did you know that All giant pandas in zoos around the world are on loan from China.


97. Interesting facts to know that people 60 years and older make up 12.3 percent of the global population.


98. Do you know that the world’s largest man-made oyster reef was created in Maryland.


99. Did you know that there are several Group of Islands, known as ‘Western Island groups’ or ‘West Indies’ Island Group.


100. Do you know that The Biggest Lake in Europe is Lake Ladoga which is located near Saint Petersburg in Russia and it’s amazingly one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes.


101. Did you know? if you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavor when you take the test it can help you remember.



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