First of all, I would like to say big thank to you for being part of my wonderful dreaming world as a creative world.

You are here…..

Everyone dreams, I too dream, and I also believe in dreaming, so let’s dream together with amazing dreaming world.

I am honored and proud to be part of your life, but first of all, let me introduce about myself properly. My name is Md Taufeeque. I am a creative writer, an author, a blogger, and above all a passionate learner and dreamer.

Who am I…

I write for fiction novels and stories, including romantic, comedy, thriller, science fiction, fairy tales, action, adventures, fantasies, and fiction series as well. I am working on Educational knowledge and entertainment to get you all on one platform.

Why am I here…

While growing up I was enjoying my life without meaning and direction of my life, even though I was dreaming so much, but I was not following my passion. But one thing which keeps me always alive is imagination, I am also like you, a dreamer, a learner.

A few years ago…

I started my career in Banking. I was working a full-time job on bank clients. Everything was going on perfectly without any direction and meaningless life. But StilL, I was searching for the meaning and purpose of my life.

I never stopped dreaming for my imagination, and after a few long years striving of soul searching. I decided to dare to follow my dreams which was somewhere dying within me over a period of time.

What I have discovered the power of daring, believing in yourself by pushing your passion to create the best of you.

I also believe that creativity starts within us and ends too if we don’t dare to take out.

“So let’s start taking out the best of creativity within ourselves to follow our dreams.”

“Are you ready to dare, once and for all?”


I am on a mission to come up with the best of everything, like stories, blogging, educational knowledge and entertainment for you all.


To share with you all types of fictional genres novels, stories, and fictional series.

I want to ensure the best way of storytelling, be it novels and stories, be it Animation videos, audiobooks, and comics books.

I am working on educational knowledge-based projects for bringing you, latest world awareness, General awareness and other valuable knowledge which can be helpful and effective for you.

My desire is to create a world for you to make your creativity shine by exploring maximum of yourself.

I am gonna come up with a new strength with every day new thought.

I wanna let the world know you and your creativity. We deserve to live our dream.

We are here for peace and love.

We deserve to live fully.

I am so glad and proud that you are here.