15 Amazing and interesting facts about Amazon rainforests

Amazon Rainforest, Amazon River

Do you know South America is one of the greatest, best and the rarest natural wonders with numerous incredible and unbelievable facts considering one of the the richest continent of the world in terms of national park, natural waterfalls, one of the fastest flowing river in the world, snow-capped mountains of the Andes, one of the vast desert of the Chile and the most fascinating and interesting natural beauty with the world’s most beautiful wonders of forest.


It’s really amazing and interesting to know about the Amazing Amazon jungle Ecuador. It’s really amazingly having full of the incredible natural wonders with the Amazon rainforest in the world.


Here are 15 amazing and Interesting facts about the Amazon Rainforest that I bet you didn’t know!


1–Amazing Location


The amazing Amazon Forest covers incredibly 5.5 Millions square kilometers and is located the hugest part of the South America continent countries and much of northwestern Brazil with extending into Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.


amazon amazing location, amazon rainforest. amazon river


2–So Big

One of the most amazing fact about the Amazon is that it’s so big that the Ireland and UK can be fit 17 times into the amazing Amazon.


3–Largest Tropical 

The Amazon is marked and considered amazingly one of the largest tropical rainforests in the world and famously known for its vast biodiversity.


]Tropical amazon rainforest, tropical raintorest,


4–Lungs of Earth

The area of the amazing Amazon is considered as the lungs of the earth because of its natural beautiful wonders.


lung of earth


5–Rich Vegetation

It’s really amazing when you are in incredible Forest, The richest vegetation will surely take your carbon dioxide out of the air and release the fresh oxygen back in.


6–Fresh Oxygen

It is incredibly and commonly assumed that around 20% of the fresh oxygen of the world is produced by the amazing Amazon forest.


fresh 0xygen,


7–Rich Ecosystem

The Amazing Amazon has been marked as the richest ecosystem and there are around 5 million different species amazingly including some of the incredible 40,000 plant species, 3,000 types of Fish species, 1,300 bird species, 430 mammals and interesting 2.5 million different insects. It’s really amazing!


8–Thousands of Rivers


The Amazon forest is crisscrossed by the thousands of rivers and these are considered incredibly the greatest and most powerful rivers in the world.


amazon river


9– Waterfalls

The devil’s cauldron is the powerful waterfall just outside of Banos. Banos is Small town and surrounded by lush jungle and plenty of waterfalls.


devil’s cauldron waterfalls


10– River Town

The incredible fact about the Amazon is that it has a river town which was architected in the 19 century from the rubber-boom days.


11–Home of the Deadliest Creatures

Do you know one amazing fact about Amazon that it is considered the home of the most deadliest and rarest creatures in the world, it includes jaguars, some of the deadly snakes, poison frogs, electric eels, and flesh eating piranhas incredibly.


poison frogs, poison frogs image


12–Pirarucu Fish

Do you know that one of the interesting and fascinating Fish was found in the Amazon and it’s known as the Pirarucu or somewhere known as the arapaima or paiche.

This fish can incredibly grow up to around 3 meters long and is considered as the deadliest meat eater fish.


Pirarucu Fish


13–The Darkest Floor

One more amazing fact about the amazing Amazon is that its darkest floor permanently. It’s really amazing to know that due to the thickness of the canopy that’s the branches and leaves of the tree. It’s so thick that whenever it rains, it takes sometimes around 10 minutes for rainy water to reach the ground.




14–Home of Amerindian Tribes

The Amazon is considered as the home of the some around 500 Amerindian tribes. It’s believed that around fifty of these tribes have never had contact with the outside of the world.


Amerindian Tribes


15–Martin Strel Swam

One of the amazing story about a amazing jungle journey of the amazing and fascinating rainforest of the world was started in 2007 by a man who’s named as Martin strel Swam . He had to power every day through the water up to ten hours a day for 66 days of total journey time.

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